Abandon Cart Software
Abandon Cart Software

Turn abandoned carts into a predictable revenue streams

Getting customers to fill up their carts is easy. Getting them to complete their purchase is another issue entirely. Recovering sales lost in the checkout process can make or break a brand. Our abandoned cart software makes winning those sales simple and effective.

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Leila Khoury, Director of Marketing, Mad Tasty
“There’s so much flexibility with the automations we can create, and they can personalize each customer’s experience to help us make sales. We’re only just getting started with our automations and what we can do, but we’re finding new opportunities for content all the time. It’s really exciting.”

Leila Khoury
Director of Marketing, Mad Tasty

abandoning their carts is unavoidable

The best way to combat the reality of potential customers leaving their carts before purchasing is to use abandoned cart software that not only utilizes dynamic emails, but also sends reminders to where they’re most likely to see them.


The average abandoned cart rate is between
Source: Invesp

$18 billion

a year eCommerce sites lose rough in revenue due to cart abandonment
Source: DesignAdvisor


of online store visits actually end in a purchase
Source: Sleeknote / VWO

How Sendlane’s Abandoned Cart Software Turns Lost Sales into Predictable Revenue

With the right marketing automation setup, you can create sales funnels designed to both lower your abandoned cart rate

Better conversions with dynamic abandoned cart emails

  • Send contacts automated reminders
  • Dynamic messaging shows items left in the cart
  • Customize send time of each email to maximize your ROI
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Expand your reach outside of email with retargeting ads

  • Automatically sync cart abandoners to Facebook with help from our Facebook Custom Audience Integration
  • Use retargeting ads to reach customers where they’re active most
  • Bring distracted shoppers back to their cart on autopilot
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Reconnect with customers who come and go, even if they don’t add to their cart

  • Automatically sync people browsing product product pages with help from our Facebook Custom Audience Integration
  • Target browser abandonment by showing retarget ads to those who viewed a page but didn’t checkout
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Save carts before they’re abandoned with targeted popups

  • Set exit-intent, incentivized popups for product pages
  • Use timed popup forms on checkout pages to give high-conversion offers like free-shipping codes
  • Display custom forms on mobile to build your SMS contact list and boost conversions on mobile devices
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Give customers the best experiences based on data

  • Sendlane’s Deep-Data integrations get you access to real-time data for each of your customers
  • Turn that data into highly personalized messages tailored to each customer’s interests, preferences, browsing and purchase history
  • Segment customers into high revenue generating lists that offer them better customer experiences with your brand
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Other useful features

Unlock your marketing automation powers with Sendlane’s helpful batch of resources.

Email Marketing

Create visually stunning emails with best-in-class deliverability to make sure your messages land a spot in the inbox.

SMS Marketing

Spark conversations and drive dollars by adding personalized SMS messaging to your funnels.

Intelligent Pop-ups

Capture more emails, reduce abandoned carts, and drive more sales with intelligent pop-ups for your website.

Real-Time Analytics

From open rates to conversion performance, get access to tons of data.


Test multiple variables in your emails to determine the best possible combination and optimize your messaging on autopilot.

Deep-Data Integrations

Connect Sendlane with your favorite lead capture pages, shopping carts, membership platforms and more

Sendlane Beacon - Tracking

From sign ups and purchases to abandoned carts and page views, trigger messages based on real-time customer behavior.

Multivariable Segmentation

Leverage 100+ data points to create the "perfect audience" from your list based on a variety of options.

Marketing Automation

Give everyone a unique experience through perfectly timed and targeted automation funnels while you sit back & relax.