Sendlane + UpViral - Create a Viral Referral Campaign and Multiply Your Email List

Growing your email list can get difficult after a while.

Especially if you’re a small business with a tight budget.

Think about it. Carefully crafting new lead generation campaigns and testing them until you get it right can be time-consuming and expensive.

But what if there was a simple and affordable way to turn your existing leads into desperate promoters of your business?UpViral does exactly that.

It helps you create viral referral campaigns that reward your subscribers for promoting your business for you!

In this post, we’ll show you how UpViral works, how to get started with the platform, and how you can integrate it with Sendlane.

What is UpViral?

UpViral is a cloud-based software that uses viral marketing to help your business grow.

It lets you create viral giveaway campaigns, contests, sweepstakes, and even complete product launches that help you generate more leads!

Step 1: You create an irresistible viral campaign with the help of UpViral’s templates.

Step 2: People participate in your contests or giveaways by sharing your content on social media, like Facebook and Twitter.

The more they share, the more “points” they get, and the more likely they are to win the contest!

This helps you turn your visitors into an army of referral partners and create a viral loop where each new lead can potentially add more leads.

The result? You get to multiply your email list in your sleep!

The best part is that it integrates with tons of different autoresponders, like Sendlane, so you can easily embed your viral campaigns into your existing emails.

Using UpViral to Create Profitable Viral Marketing Campaigns

Creating a giveaway or contest in UpViral literally takes just a few minutes.Especially because they have gorgeous templates for everything. 

1. Sign Up to Create an Account

Setting up your account is pretty straightforward.All you have to do is enter your personal details along with your preferred mode of payment, and you're good to go!


2. Create your first campaign

After entering all your details, you’ll be directed to your UpViral dashboard. This is where you can manage all your campaigns.Here, you can also check the number of visitors, leads, and the total active campaigns you're running.

To create a campaign, simply click on the “Create Campaign” tab and choose a name that you like.

Next, you’ll need to select the type of campaign you want to create.

UpViral currently offers three campaign types:

Giveaway: Viral giveaway with one or more unlockable awards that can be unlocked by anyone who collects enough points by referring their friends

Contest: Referral-based viral contest

Generic: This campaign type has no fixed reward and can be used as a waiting list

Once you've chosen your desired campaign type, you can select whether to run the entire campaign on UpViral or integrate it with other 3rd party tools, like your existing opt-in tool or lead pages.

3. Design Your Viral Campaign

This is the fun part!

UpViral offers several pre-designed page templates for your campaign.

You can customize all of these templates in minutes using UpViral’s visual editor!

This means you can edit text, change colors, add or remove pictures, and even choose fonts that work well with your brand.

Once you’re done customizing your lead and thank you pages, you can also choose how your content will look like on various social channels once its shared.

4. Set Up Campaign Rewards

Adding rewards to your campaign is a great way to incentivize users to share your campaign on various platforms, like social media!

You can set up the name of the reward, points needed to access the giveaway, and other details in this section.

UpViral allows you to go in deep and even select different reward points.

This is especially useful if you want to boost your brand image on a certain platform. For example, sharing on LinkedIn could be worth more points than sharing on Facebook.

5. Use Email to Your Benefit

UpViral also offers fully customizable email automation.

This means you can automatically send timed or triggered emails based on visitor actions. You can even personalize them to maximize their impact!

The platform lets you split-test multiple emails to optimize open and click rates. You can also access real-time analytics to keep track of email performance.

How to integrate UpViral with with Sendlane

One of the many great things about UpViral is that it seamlessly integrates with your Sendlane account.

This helps you sync your contact data and easily embed viral campaigns into emails that you’re already sending out.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to integrate UpViral with Sendlane.

Build an Army of Leads With UpViral's Referral Campaigns

You no longer need to waste your precious time, money, and energy into crafting the perfect viral campaign for your brand.

UpViral’s referral campaigns make sure that your existing leads help you go viral in no time.

The best part is that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you aren’t happy with the service, you can cancel it any time and get a full refund!

Learn more about their pricing plans here.

Click here to sign up and create a viral campaign today.

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