Jump Start Your Marketing Automation in Minutes With Pre-Built Funnels

Adding marketing automation to your workflow is like adding a team member to do a lot of the heavy lifting in sales and customer service for you.

But as great as that is, we know that building automated marketing funnels from scratch can feel like you're playing with fire — and not in a good way.

How do you know what trigger to use? Or when it’s a good time to add a tag?

Or even what action works best after you send your first email?

If you haven't done it before, it's easy to feel overwhelmed (or panic stricken like Dexter). We know it can be tough and we don't want it to be.

That's why we've taken the time to put together some pre-built funnels so you can get right into using marketing automation funnels without all the hassle.


How To Start Using Pre-Built Marketing Funnels In Sendlane

Every marketing funnel you create needs to have a goal.

Do you want to segment subscribers by Average Order Value so you can send targeted emails to them? Do you want to recover more of your abandoned carts?

Once you have a goal in mind, creating marketing funnels becomes a lot easier. However, we've built a few funnels that you can quickly start using for your eCommerce store.


  • Welcome email funnel
  • Abandoned cart funnel
  • Port purchase follow up for WooCommerce and Shopify

To find these automations, simply login to your Sendlane account and click on Automations in the left-hand menu.

Next, click on New Automation in the top right corner and choose the pre-built funnel that best describes what you want to accomplish.


Once you choose the automation you're going to use, you'll find the basic structure of something a like this.


Be sure to customize these funnels to fit your brand needs.

We've given you a framework that will help you build a basic automated funnel, but you can always use the Integrations and Triggers to take your funnels to the next level.  

As you get more comfortable with how automations look and you start to understand your needs better, it gets easier to take what we've built and really make them your own.

Automating your email marketing doesn't have to be a struggle. With Sendlane's pre-built automation funnels, you can skip the trial-and-error and jump right to action!

Login to your Sendlane account right here to get started with your own.

Or click through to activate a FREE 14 day trial with Sendlane and see exactly what you've been missing out on!

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