15 Effective Pop-Ups for BigCommerce CBD Stores

19 Apr
15 Effective Pop-Ups for BigCommerce CBD Stores

CBD is a booming niche in eCommerce, with sales projected to reach $22 billion this year in the US alone. Growth comes despite regulations and restrictions that other products don’t face. Advertising restrictions on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube, alongside growing acquisition costs, make it critical to make the most out of the traffic coming to your CBD store. More specifically, your BigCommerce CBD store. 

As with any vertical, you’ll need to differentiate your brand from the competition with a compelling branding strategy, strong product offering, and a fiercely loyal customer base as you scale.

These are difficult goals by themselves but made harder still when the top tools in your marketing toolbox aren’t there. While not exhaustive, we’ll break down 15 effective pop-ups to help you capture more leads, increase conversions, and implement personalized, on-site campaigns for your BigCommerce store. 

Top of the Funnel Pop-Up Strategies

1. Dynamic Welcome Offers Based on Traffic Source

An effective acquisition strategy is key for CBD brands that can’t rely on traditional acquisition methods, like paid ads. For promotion, you’ll need to rely primarily on affiliate/influencer marketing, content creators, publishers, etc. Make sure all traffic from these sources is presented with a targeted on-site experience when they arrive.  

Create a welcome promotion for lead capture with messaging or offers mentioned in the affiliate campaign.

Then, follow up with a banner reminding shoppers of that offer, whether it’s a review, quote, offer, etc. This two-pronged approach uses traffic source targeting via UTM parameters and when implemented effectively, can result in huge wins. One of our CBD clients, Cornbread Hemp, had a 16.5% conversion rate from promotions like these following a feature on

2. Age Gate: 

Ensure compliance with an age verification pop-up; the need for this will vary by local laws and regulations. Many brands won’t need these, but double-check as these can change state to state, often quickly and without warning. 

3. Back in Stock Notifications: 

Sometimes products go viral or simply sell out faster than you anticipated, but there’s no need to fret—simply place a lead capture on the product page to build a high-intent subscriber list to notify when back in stock.

Plus, you can add an extra incentive to say they’ll be the first to know. This is especially effective for faster channels like SMS or push notifications.

4. Preferences Lead Capture: 

Use radio buttons in your lead capture to indicate their product preferences. This could be product type (capsule, oil, lotion, vape, etc.) or their desired benefit (sleep, relax, recovery, etc.). This zero-party data collection will help fine-tune your marketing automations to ensure maximum relevance and boost engagement.

5. Spin-to-Win: 

These gamified lead captures are great for a lasting first impression with increased engagement (average 13% opt-in rates) and are a great branding opportunity. Prizes could include: discounts, products, giveaways, free shipping, etc., and can be heavily customized to perfectly reflect your brand. 

6. Instagram/TikTok Handle Capture: 

If you’re looking to expand a micro-influencer program, start collecting Instagram/TikTok handles from your customers. From there, use a platform like Gatsby to identify potential micro-influencers amongst them to turn into brand advocates for improved reach with low costs.

There is nothing more effective than a genuinely satisfied customer sharing their experience with their followers—there’s a reason that micro-influencers make up 93.9% of all brand partnerships!

Middle of The Funnel Pop-up Strategies:

7. In-Page Product Carousel: 

Justuno’s intelligent product recommendations are great for personalizing the onsite experience and can be placed anywhere, including in-page, for a seamless, native look. CBD brands need to have a heavy emphasis on content marketing for education and entertainment and build their brand presence. Optimize the role these blogs and articles play in your marketing strategy through in-page carousels featuring products mentioned in the content.

Talking about the benefits of lotions with sore muscles?

Place a carousel natively on the page so readers can add the lotions mentioned to their cart directly without having to search for them. Increase engagement and conversion by removing the opportunity for browse abandonment altogether. These recommendations are super easy to implement on BigCommerce with Justuno’s ability to dynamically recommend products based on filters and tags. 

8. Free Gift Product Recommendation: 

If you’re running a free gift with purchase campaign and have multiple options, give shoppers the power of choice!

Fire a product recommendation pop-up upon adding an item to their cart, letting them pick their preferred item. This can help expand customers’ horizons to try other product types (oils, lotions, etc.) or new flavors they may not have otherwise. Not to mention giving them their choice of free gift creates a feeling of ownership over it, making them more likely to convert. 

9. Dynamic Shipping Banner

Increase average order value (AOV) using a shipping threshold banner that dynamically updates to show how far the shopper is from unlocking free shipping.

Offering free shipping on all orders may not be possible, depending on your margins. However, these are great for keeping surprise shipping costs from cropping up in the checkout process (which is one of the leading causes of abandoned carts)) and, in turn, help boost AOV for those looking to claim this incentive. 

10. Geo-Targeted Shipping Promotion: 

Ensure compliance and avoid customer frustration with up-front messaging regarding shipping and any restrictions. Base this on the shopper’s location (Justuno can geo-target down to zip codes) to ensure only those who may encounter issues will see this.

This transparency will build trust, and while it won’t result in an immediate sale, it’s better for the customer journey and lifetime value in the long run. Alternatively, if you offer special shipping options like same-day or next-day delivery to certain cities, you can use this same strategy for informing shoppers of that option.

Pro Tip: If they live in an area where you currently cannot ship to, collect their emails anyway & send them an email campaign when something changes!

Bottom of the Funnel Pop-up Strategies:

11. Satisfaction Guaranteed Cart Abandoner: 

If you offer a satisfaction guarantee, make sure to advertise it! A great time to do so is at the point of abandonment; they’re interested enough to add an item(s) to their cart but aren’t quite sold yet… making a satisfaction guarantee the perfect message for them. Reiterating the no-risk aspect of purchase will help remove any barriers or hesitations, which help drive same session conversions without cutting into profit margins! If you want to combine this with a discount & limited-time offer, use a timer to create FOMO and drive immediate action. 

12. Store Finder Cart Abandoner: 

If your products are stocked in stores, show those in nearby areas a cart abandoner offer to find a store near them. This will help drive foot traffic, and if they were abandoning their cart due to shipping delays or costs, this would solve that!

13. Product Finder Quiz:

CBD is an industry that requires some level of product education, whether in concentrates, flavor, type, etc. Many shoppers are unsure or uneducated about their options which makes online shopping overwhelming.

To combat that, you could target exiting visitors with a product finder quiz to help them find the right item to suit their needs. This is more effective than a discount because they need to provide info to make a choice. You collect zero-party data to fuel personalized marketing automation as an effective follow-up.

14. Return Customer Who Didn’t Subscribe: 

“Did you like X? Subscribe today & get 10% off.”

If you have a subscription program, you know it’s a great source of recurring revenue, but it’s not necessarily something many customers are willing to commit to on their first purchase. They’re new and unsure if they’ll like what they bought, so rather than pushing that on their first purchase, wait until after they’ve received their order. You can set up an automation in Sendlane that reminds first-time customers it’s time to re-order based on purchase frequency trends.

Then, greet them onsite with a pop-up encouraging them to sign up for a subscription of their product with an extra %-off. Putting the customer first will build trust and increase lifetime value. Driving every shopper to subscribe is a great way to artificially increase your subscription rates but increase churn in the long run! 

15. Abandoned Cart Reminder: 

If, despite your cart abandonment offers, the shopper left but then returned—show them a side promotion with the item(s) they left in the cart + a button taking them directly to check out. This personalization is possible due to Justuno’s deep integration with BigCommerce (directly pulling from your product catalog) and drives immediate conversion action. 

These are just a few of the possibilities for implementing effective onsite messaging for your BigCommerce CBD store. In an extremely competitive industry, you’ll need to deliver a high-quality brand experience across your MarTech stack, from onsite messaging with Justuno to email marketing with Sendlane and beyond. 

Interested in trying Justuno?  Learn more about how our platform integrates with Sendlane or start a free 14-day trial to see what Justuno can do for your BigCommerce CBD store.

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