Drive 320% More Revenue From Your Welcome Emails with These 3 Tips

28 Aug
Drive 320% More Revenue From Your Welcome Emails with These 3 Tips

Would you like to generate more revenue from your email? 

I’m sure your answer falls in the area of, “Well, duh!”

What if you could generate upwards of 320% more revenue (3x more than regular promo emails) with an email funnel you probably already have running in your email marketing? 



No, it’s not too good to be true. 

It’s been proven right here and…

It’s all possible with your welcome email funnel. 

Obviously, results may vary, but the fact that others have done this means you could too.

So, no waiting around. 

Let’s dive into the best tips to help you drive even more revenue from your welcome email funnel. 

3 Must-Do’s To Increase Sales from Your eCommerce Welcome Funnel

1. Start with Your Opt-In Strategy 

Since we’re talking about driving more income through welcome funnels, we really need to go to the very start of the entire process: 

The opt-in. 

Your opt-in placement and content within those forms and pop-ups are going to be the gate between turning a site visitor into your funnel. 


It doesn’t matter how great your funnel is, if your opt-in strategy isn’t optimized to bring in more signups, you won’t be gaining much revenue. 

You need to zoom out in your focus and take some inventory of your forms and the type of opt-ins you have currently: 

  • Look at site traffic. What pages of content on your site have the most page views? Are there opt-ins on those pages? If not, a/b test some form types. If yes, what is the opt-in rate of those forms? It’s worth testing the type of form, the content, and the offering to really help your chances of turning traffic into conversions. 
  • Inspect your form type. What types of forms are you using? There are a bunch of types you can utilize: exit-intent pop-ups, footer opt-ins, spin-the-wheel forms, quizzes that double as opt-ins (these are AMAZING for segmentation and personalization) and many more. There are a lot of tools available on the market to help you create different pop-ups, and opt-in forms and change how they’re triggered. Look at what you’re using and decide if a new type is worth testing. Sendlane has opt-in forms built into our platform that are designed to help you increase opt-ins and work seamlessly with our marketing automation features.  
  • Be highly aware of mobile. Not all forms work or resize for mobile so it’s important to pay attention to how these look and how they’re converting on mobile. 
  • Use double opt-ins. Yes, this does add another step for the customer, but this step is crucial. People may enter a fake email address just to snag a coupon code or some other reason like spam accounts and so on. Whatever the case, a large list full of fake or bad email addresses will only hurt your metrics and any chances of gaining revenue from your welcome email so don’t skip this part of your strategy.
  • Use tags on pages built around product categories. Okay, this is a little tactical trick that your competitors may not be taking advantage of. This will help you segment and better personalize your content right from the start. You can add a tag to your opt-in forms based on the product category or content that form will display. Then, when they opt-in, the tag will be added to their profile and segment them accordingly. So… if someone signs up on a page of a product that was a pair of little boys shoes the tag that you could add and segment them on could be ”Boys Clothing and Accessories”. That gives you a chance to then personalize product recommendations in later emails. Either way, you’re doing yourself a favor. 

Next, you want to look at your offer. 

Is it enticing enough to pull that user into signing up? You may think so, but testing your copy is the name of the money game here. 

Even the layout of the form can make a big difference. Copyhackers did an interesting study for their site on the use of consequence buttons and to say the results were impressive would be an understatement. 

Your strategy and testing in this area cannot be stressed enough. 

The success of revenue from your welcome emails starts here so build the best foundation you can in your strategy before you do anything else. 

2. Send Your First Email ASAP

No, really. 

You want to send the first email of your welcome funnel right away. 

When asked how soon they expect to get a welcome email after they subscribe, more than 74% of respondents said they expect it ASAP.


And, according to WordStream, 45% of first-time purchases from new subscribers happen within the first 24 hours from opt-in.

But even with that data, you should hesitate to wait even 20 minutes. 

I mean, think about it…

Someone comes to your product page. They want to buy something and see that they can save 10% on their first purchase by joining your list. 

They sign up then open their email in search of the code they were promised. But it doesn’t come… 

Eventually, it does. 

But not at the moment they were hoping to use it (a.k.a. make the purchase), which means you will have to work hard to earn their attention again and get them back to your site to buy. 

All of this could be avoided and secured you more revenue if you sent that email in less than a minute from when they opted in.

It seems like a little thing, but it can make a significant impact on sales. 

Look at the timing your first email sends and adjust as needed.

3. Build Out a Sequence of 3+ Emails That Helps You Segment and Personalize

While you could have only one email to your funnel, to really get the most of this invaluable automation, we highly recommend building out a series of emails that work to do the following: 

  • Helps a subscriber feel a part of your brand mission
  • Generate revenue ← obviously 
  • Pulls in referrals from customer’s connections

That’s a good place to start. 

Building this funnel to do this takes more than one email, and generally, we like to recommend a minimum of 3 and build it out from there. 

In our book, The Big Book of eCommerce Emails, we cover how to build, the timing, and the type of email you could send for each message in the sequence. 


Here’s a peek at the funnel we provide in the book: 

Person subscribes → First email send immediately → Wait 24 hours → Second email sends (Brand mission/Story email) → Wait 2 days → Third email sends (Share your value prop/the problem you solve) → Wait 2 days → Fourth email sends (Ask for social follow) → Wait 2 days → Fifth email sends (Send discount offer) → Switch subscriber to new automation

If you really want to learn more about the why and how of this, be sure to download our eCom Email Funnel book for free!

Now, that’s just the funnel flow example featuring 5 emails, but you can swap these out or add more as your brand deems necessary. 

For instance, you could add a product recommendation email to the sequence. Or you could take a note from Thrive Market and give customers the option to browse the categories on your site.  


The beauty of trying this option is each link and image would get its own email tag. 

That way, when someone clicks on the image/link, that tag is added to their profile segmenting them into that bracket of interest and giving you the power to continually deliver highly-personalized revenue-generating email campaigns. 

So not only will you gain revenue from your welcome emails, but also future campaigns thanks to your efforts you’re making here. 

Segments and tags all work to personalize content. You can and should incorporate tags into your funnel here and use them to create segments to hyper-personalize your email marketing strategy. 

As for your welcome funnel, take a look at what you have and see about adding new email types to build brand loyalty and revenue. 

If you’re starting from scratch or plan to scrap what you have to start fresh, be sure to check out our blog post all about writing welcome emails and this one with some great examples to inspire you. 


Take a Chance at a 320% $$ Increase. Work That Welcome Series!

I know that peeling back the layers of the hard work you’ve already put into your current welcome emails doesn’t sound like a whole lotta fun (let’s be honest, it’s no Disneyland...).

But there’s so much potential here for building out revenue from this single sequence, not to mention the way it helps to impact your list personalization as you go about building up your email list. 

Increasing revenue from your welcome funnel isn’t as hard as it may seem, but it does take time and some willingness to test new emails and set up other parts to your success. 

With your efforts pointed in the right direction, who knows… maybe you’ll be able to hit that fabled 320% increase or more!

Want help to build a welcome funnel that zigs and zags with each customer's preferences? 

Give Sendlane a try for free. 

Our email marketing automation platform is designed to help you land in inboxes and hyper-personalize each subscriber’s experience. 

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