Sendlane + Convertful - The Ultimate On-Site List Builder

4 Apr
Sendlane + Convertful - The Ultimate On-Site List Builder

Personalized offers make customers happier and ready to whip out their wallets. In fact, a study by Marketing Insider Group found 78% of internet users (specifically U.S based users) said that personally relevant content from brands increases their purchase intent.

But up until recent years, the ability for smaller brands and eCommerce companies to fine-tune personalized offers and incorporate them into their marketing efforts has been challenging, if not impossible. As a Sendlane user, we’re happy to reveal that personalization and email list building just got a whole lot easier because as of today, we now seamlessly integrate with ConvertfulHere’s why this is fantastic news!

What Is Convertful?

Convertful is an opt-in builder tool that allows you to customize the offers that you place in front of your visitors.

For example, you can set up an opt-in form that triggers only for new website visitors and you can set up another one that shows an entirely different offer to someone who is already a contact.

Convertful includes 50+ pre-built templates and provides you with all the best types of list building opt-in forms and features, including:

  • Exit intent pop-ups
  • Welcome mats
  • Floating bars
  • Inline widgets placed within your content
  • Scroll boxes
  • Social opt-in pop-ups 
  • Yes/No forms
  • Survey widgets

That list doesn’t cover all that’s available to use and customize inside this tool. You can A/B test copy and forms, and all the templates can be changed with their drag-and-drop builder. Every form, layout, button, text and so on is easily customizable.

You can add images, videos, other elements and completely customize templates to your own style and needs.

How Convertful Maximizes Your Overall Marketing Effort

Convertful’s personalization-based features give you the upper hand by providing a better experience to your website visitors and turning that traffic into qualified leads.

Here are a few of the benefits that it provides:

Takes Advantage Of Your Site’s Best Real Estate

In general terms, there are areas on your website that are proven to be the best spaces to place your opt-in forms.

Convertful is built to keep all of that in mind and has templates to fit all those spaces so there’s no hassle in taking advantage of this prime real estate.Simply choose the style opt-in form, design it to your liking and then approve it. The rest is taken care of.

Uses Fear Of Missing Out To Help Increase Opt-ins And Revenue

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a real thing, and studies show that presenting that possible missed opportunity can boost your email opt-ins and your revenue.

Convertful has FOMO based opt-ins and widgets to add to your marketing strategy, plus the A/B testing tools to see if it’s actually working for you.

You can trigger these to only show when someone clicks through from your emails or you can use them as a site-wide broadcast for a designated time (like the holidays). There are quite a few uses for this type of marketing tactic and the fact that this tool gives you the option is pretty great.

Provides a Unique One-Click Social Optin

You can place a “Subscribe with Facebook” (or “Subscribe with Twitter”) button, and when your visitors click this button, Convertful takes their email address and name straight from their Facebook profile, and sends this contact info straight to your Sendlane list.

No need to manually enter emails, less friction, and no typos!

Recovers Lost Email Addresses

On average, most list building tools lose around 4 to 7 percent of the people who fill out those forms. But with Convertful, that issue nearly disappears.

While API errors are still possible, Convertful is designed to store all leads that come through the form but don’t quite make it to your email list. Meaning, no more lost leads!

On top of that, you’ll also get an alert if an error like that occurs so you can quickly fix the issue in a timely manner.

Grow Your List With Convertful

There are many ways that you can use Convertful within your marketing strategy.However, with the features that are built into the tool, it can be particularly powerful for those who are running ecommerce stores or who sell services through their website.

For example, let’s say that you have an online store and you plan to run a promotion for the holidays. For this promotion, you decide to invest in Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram ads plus a few paid mentions on top influencers blogs. Knowing that you are going to be having traffic coming from these various sources you can use Convertful to personalize your offers.

For each website that your traffic is coming from you can create a custom banner or widget to display with a personalized discount offer.

In doing so, you not only capture an email address but you increase the chances of a purchase happening. But we don’t have to stop here. After someone gives their email, you can offer another incentive that immediately follows the first one. This one will be an offer that asks for a social media follow in exchange for an even greater discount.

They can choose not to, and even if they don’t you were still able to add them to your email list. But if they do, in the settings of the widget designer you can add a tag using Sendlane specifically for these people who do follow you on social media.

And to make sure they get that little extra discount that you promised to give them for becoming a social media follower, you can create a thank you message in the same banner and have the coupon code available there.

So not only would you get an email sign up, but you gain the ability to grow your social media following while also segmenting the people who take the action of following your social channels. This gives you even greater control over personalizing the offers made to them both on your website and through your advertising and email campaigns.

This is just one of many ways you could use Convertful to grow your list and help you in other areas of your marketing strategy.

And if you’re worried about connecting Sendlane to Convertful, there’s no need. The steps to connect the two are very simple and easy to get working right. You can read the quick walkthrough right here.

Power Up Your Marketing Strategy

Convertful and Sendlane are a match made in marketing heaven, so we’re super excited about this integration and all the ways it will help you take your email marketing even further.If you haven’t already, take a moment to sign up for Convertful and take it for a spin.

We are excited to see how you’ll be able to use this integration in your marketing strategy! What other integrations would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below.

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