Sendlane + Convert Pro - Lead Generation Plugin For Wordpress

11 Jul
Sendlane + Convert Pro - Lead Generation Plugin For Wordpress

The way we see it, the most important part of any email marketing strategy is… building up your contact list.

Here’s the thing: if you don’t have a pool of engaged contacts to tap into, your email marketing campaigns will essentially fall apart.

You could design the most beautiful templates in the world, but they’d go to waste.

You can write the most witty, compelling copy, but again - you’d be wasting your time.

So, how do you build your email list, and get more contacts to opt in to receive your newsletters?

Personally, we’re big fans of Convert Pro, which is an email opt-in and lead generation plugin that’s perfect for marketers who want to grow their lists.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can use Convert Pro to skyrocket your contacts, and how you can integrate Convert Pro with your Sendlane account.

Alright, let’s dive in!

What is Convert Pro?

Convert Pro is a platform that allows marketers to create popups and opt-in forms to convert their visitors into leads, contacts, and customers.

Now, Convert Pro is highly versatile, and it’s a great fit for marketers from a wide range of industries.

Running an eCommerce store? You can use Convert Pro to offer coupons and discounts to prevent cart abandonment.

Experiencing high bounce rates? You can use Convert Pro’s exit intent pop-ups to reach out to visitors who are just about to leave your site.

Want to generate more leads? You can nurture your website visitors and bring them into your sales funnel by offering content giveaways with Convert Pro.

The best part about Convert Pro is that it’s made with non-techies and normal WordPress users in mind. Even if you don’t have any coding skills, you can use their drag and drop builder to create high converting opt-in forms in a matter of minutes.

Using Convert Pro to grow your email list

Want to use Convert Pro to build your email list? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Install the Convert Pro plugin on WordPress

This is straightforward enough, so we won’t dwell on this step, but here’s a quick walkthrough if you need a bit of direction!

Step 2: Select the type of Call To Action you want to create

Your choices include:

  • Modal pop-up
  • Info bar
  • Slide-in
  • Before/After
  • In content form
  • Widget box
  • Convert mat
  • Full screen pop-up

Step 3: Select a template

If you want full control over the look and feel of your CTA, that’s fine as well - you can start from scratch using a blank template.

Step 4: Customize your template

Some things you might want to do include:

  • Adding a button
  • Adding a countdown timer
  • Adding or removing form fields
  • Adding a background image
  • Customizing your font

Step 5: Configure your CTA

This is where you determine when and where your CTA shows up. You can also choose to have the CTA show for all website visitors, or only for a specific segment.

Step 6: Connect Convert Pro to Sendlane

Once you do this, Convert Pro will automatically send all your new contact data to your Sendlane account.

Step 7: Publish your CTA

Annnnnd you’re done! Pretty easy, right?

Pro-tips to help you craft the perfect CTAs with Convert Pro

Awesome - you’re all set to start using Convert Pro to grow your email list.

To maximize the results that you get out of Convert Pro, make sure you keep these advanced tips in mind when you’re crafting your CTAs:

1. Customize the timing of your CTA

We previously mentioned that Convert Pro allows you to use exit intent technology to reduce site abandonment, but that’s not all it can do.

For those who want to customize when your CTA gets triggered, you can also choose from:

  • Displaying a CTA after a few seconds
  • Displaying a CTA after a user scrolls the specified percentage of the page
  • Displaying a CTA when a user is found inactive for the specified time period
  • Displaying a CTA after a user reaches the end of a blog post
  • Displaying a CTA when a certain class or ID appears in the viewport

You can also combine these triggers and build rulesets that depending on which the CTA will get triggered.

For eg: Lets say you want to show an exit intent popup to users who have scrolled 50% of the page. You can do that by setting these two triggers in a single ruleset. This will make sure that the CTA is displayed only when both of these conditions are met. You can read more about Rulesets in Convert Pro in their knowledge base article.

There’s no telling which of these will be the most effective for you, so we recommend that you A/B test the different timing options, and see which one converts the best.

2. Entice your visitors with a lead magnet

If you provide your website visitors with an incentive to sign up for your email list, this will boost your conversion rate - that much is obvious.

For those of you in eCommerce, this is fairly straightforward. You can simply generate a coupon code for 10% off or free shipping, and dangle this as a carrot.

What if you’re in the B2B industry? Well, you can still incentivize your visitors to sign up for your list - but with a lead magnet instead.

Basically, a lead magnet is some sort of ebook, whitepaper, or other content that you offer to visitors in exchange for their email address.

With Convert Pro, you can easily promote a lead magnet to your website visitors, and redirect them to a download page after they’ve signed up for your list.

To learn more, read this Convert Pro guide.

3. Layer your CTAs

What’s better than one CTA? Two CTAs that you can use to maximize engagements conversions.

  • At Convert Pro, these are termed “multi-step CTAs”. If you’re wondering why you’d need to use these CTAs, here are some potential use cases:
  • Ask someone to subscribe to your newsletter, then ask them to download an ebook
  • Ask someone to indicate their interests (Topic A vs Topic B), then ask them to subscribe to your newsletter
  • Ask someone for their age (to make sure they’re old enough), then ask them to download gated content

You can really drill down and get specific with multi-step CTAs, so go ahead and knock yourself out. To learn more about creating and using these CTAs, read this Convert Pro guide.

How to integrate Sendlane with Convert Pro

After you create a Call To Action within the Convert Pro plugin, you’ll have the option to integrate Convert Pro with your Sendlane account.

To learn exactly how to do this, refer to Convert Pro’s walkthrough.

Take your email marketing to the next level with Convert Pro

In this day and age, the key to successfully reaching out to your consumers lies in creating personalized, meaningful interactions.

To be specific, you’ll want to tailor your communications and CTAs to your website visitors based on:

  • What device they’re accessing your site on
  • What source they’ve arrived from
  • Whether they’re a logged-in user or not
  • Whether they’ve been on your page for 30 seconds, or 3 minutes

And whatever other data you can get your hands on.

If you’re not already doing so, make sure you use Convert Pro to create hyper-targeted CTAs that are highly relevant to each and every website visitor.

Got any questions about using Convert Pro together with Sendlane? Leave a comment for us below, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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