Sendlane + Inbound Now - The Ultimate Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress

5 Nov
Sendlane + Inbound Now - The Ultimate Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress

If you run your website on WordPress, chances are that there are several plugins and tools you need to juggle for all your marketing needs. Tools to create high-converting landing pages. Tools to create beautiful CTAs. Tools to monitor and keep track of leads. The list goes on! What if there was a single tool to take care of everything, from landing pages to lead management to marketing automation? Life would be pretty easy, wouldn’t it? Luckily for you, Inbound Now was made to do just that. In this post, we’ll show you what Inbound Now is, how it can help you automate marketing tasks, and how you can integrate it with Sendlane to maximize your business. Let’s dig in!

What is Inbound Now?

Inbound Now offers a set of plugins for WordPress that all work together to help you optimize your marketing efforts and automate most of your important tasks.

Inbound Now and Sendlane

It’s basically an all-in-one tool that you can use to create calls-to-action and landing pages, as well as generate, track, and manage leads. All from inside your WordPress dashboard! The marketing suite offers tons of other features that you can access with a premium license. But the lite version is completely free to use! Let’s get into the good stuff: the features!

Key Features of Inbound Now to Boost Your Marketing

Landing pages? CTAs? Forms? Inbound Now has it all. Here are the key features that we love (and users rave about):

1. Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

Inbound Now allows you to create beautiful and effective CTAs on your website. You can track the conversion rates of these CTAs from right inside your dashboard. In fact, you can even test and compare the performance of multiple CTAs to find a winning strategy! Ultimately, this helps you maximize lead conversion on your site.

Create CTAs with Inbound Now and Sendlane

Inbound Now offers several CTA templates, but you can also create and design your own if you want to. Click here to find out more about custom templates.

2. Landing Pages

Creating landing pages is super easy with Inbound Now’s visual editor. This plugin also gives you the ability to track conversion rates and A/B test multiple versions of your landing pages to see which one performs better. You can use your current WordPress theme or select from Inbound Now’s library of landing page designs. Check out this example of a landing page created with Inbound Now:

Creating landing pages with Inbound Now Sendlane integration

3. Lead Management and Tracking

Inbound Now isn’t just good for CTAs and landing pages. You can also create high-converting opt-in forms using the visual editor—no coding required! These forms are built to help you manage your leads by tracking visitor behavior and keeping track of their engagement activity. You can also integrate with other plugins, CRM software, and email autoresponders, like Sendlane! After every successful lead submission, Inbound Now sends a notification email to the site administrator. Here’s what it looks like:

Get email notifications from Inbound Nows opt-in forms

4. Marketing Automation

That’s right. Inbound Now also lets you automate some of your repetitive tasks, like emails. The platform uses a rule-based engine to configure when and how to send automated emails. Keep in mind that is a premium-only feature. You can use it to create batch emails, follow up emails, event emails, or even a personalized email series. To make this happen, simply set your desired triggers that are powered by WordPress PHP action hooks to automate emails. Here’s a list of triggers bring offered by Inbound Now:

  • On affiliate creation
  • On add lead event
  • On new WordPress user creation
  • On tap or categorize event

Inbound Now also creates logs for all events, in case something falls apart!Here’s what it looks like:

Get marketing automation with Sendlane and Inbound Now

How to integrate Inbound Now with Sendlane

When you integrate Inbound Now with Sendlane, you can export leads to Sendlane lists using the native WordPress bulk-export tools. You can also connect Inbound Now forms to your Sendlane account, so whenever a new lead signs up, they get added to your email list! Here’s a step-by-step guide to integrating Inbound Now with Sendlane.

Power up your marketing with Inbound Now

If you're looking for an all-in-one solution to meet all your WordPress marketing automation needs, Inbound Now’s plugins are perfect for you. Simply install it like any other WordPress plugin, and Inbound Now will automatically monitor your site and provide engagement statistics, like site visits and conversion rates. You can sign up and get started with Inbound Now for free or buy a premium license that costs $59.99 on an annual basis. Click here to find out more about Inbound Now’s pricing and services!

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