Explore Our Favorite MailMunch Features + 3 Tips for Best Use

30 May
Explore Our Favorite MailMunch Features + 3 Tips for Best Use

If you’re trying to grow your email list, opt-in forms are your best friend. While there are tons of these tools available online, it pays to be somewhat selective when choosing the tool you want to use.

First and foremost, make sure that your tool allows you to create opt-in forms in several formats so you can experiment with different forms and see what works best.

Obviously, you’ll also want a tool that isn’t too exorbitantly priced (and doesn’t cause the Finance department to come knocking on your door.)

That's where MailMunch comes in, an all-in-one opt-in form builder you can use to create pop-ups, embedded forms, top bars, slide boxes and more.

The cool part? MailMunch offers a basic account that marketers can use for FREE, and you get access to unlimited forms with this account. If you’re a Sendlane user, we also have a nifty integration that you can use to sync all your MailMunch data over to your Sendlane account!

What is MailMunch?

In a nutshell, MailMunch is a lead generation tool that allows you to capture leads and emails.

All of MailMunch’s forms are mobile-responsive and optimized; they also come with pre-built themes that can be fully customized to match your website or blog.

On top of that, you can even set up your MailMunch form to feature a “consent” checkbox; this ensures that you abide by the existing GDPR regulations.

If you navigate to each subscriber’s profile within your MailMunch account, you’ll be able to see whether their consent has been recorded and when their data was captured.

Using MailMunch to Grow Your Email List

Too many forms, too little time? In this section, we’ll walk you through the different types of forms that you can create with MailMunch, and tell you more about how to use each form.

Pop-up forms

Pop-up forms are one of the most “basic” opt-in forms out there, and you probably encounter these a lot.

To help you upgrade your standard pop-up forms, though, MailMunch’s pop-ups come with exit intent technology.

Basically, MailMunch detects when a visitor is about to leave -- and serves them a pop-up at that exact moment.

Why should you use forms with exit intent technology (as opposed to “normal” pop up forms)?

Well, exit intent forms are a LOT less irritating and intrusive. Think about it -- if you’re clicking through to a website to read a blog post, and you get hit by a pop-up two seconds in, this might just turn you off.

But if you’re done reading the post, and you’re about to exit the page, the same pop-up won’t irritate you as much.

Embedded forms

Embedded forms are pretty self-explanatory; these forms come embedded within your content.

On the bright side, they’re less intrusive than regular pop-ups, but on the flip side, they’re easy to gloss over, which may result in lower conversion rates.If you’re trying out embedded forms, be sure to test them in a couple of locations -- at the start of your page, in the middle of your page, and at the end of your page.

Top bar forms

While MailMunch refers to these as “top bar” forms, they’re better known as "floating bars' or "sticky bars."

These bars are affixed to the top of your website, and follow the user around even as they scroll.

For best results, customize these bars so that they’re in a color that contrasts highly with the rest of the page. If your background is white, using a striking shade of orange or red (like in the example above) works well -- don’t go with subtle, low-contrast shades that are less visible.

One disadvantage of these bars is that they have less real estate -- so you have limited space to play around with when creating your Call To Action.

Slide boxes

Slide boxes are nifty forms that slide in when a visitor is about to finish reading your content.

Like exit intent pop-ups, these are less aggressive than regular pop ups. You’re only reaching out to your visitor when they’re done with your content, so you’re less likely to annoy them.

3 Pro-tips to Craft and Set Up The Perfect Opt-In Form With MailMunch

Can’t wait to start growing your email list with MailMunch?

Use these advanced tips to get the most out of your opt-in forms and campaigns:

1. Use MailMunch’s advanced display rules

Take it from us: one-size-fits-all strategies rarely work.Instead of setting up a single opt-in form and using it for ALL the visitors that land on your site, create a few variants that are hyper-targeted to your different customer segments…

Then use MailMunch’s advanced display rules to trigger the relevant variant.

2. Use MailMunch to build entire landing pages

While MailMunch bills itself as an opt-in form tool, you can actually use MailMunch to create ENTIRE landing pages as well.

To get started, choose from one of MailMunch’s built-in themes, then use the Drag & Drop builder to customize your font, colors, and more.

MailMunch’s landing page builder is actually pretty robust, and you can definitely build a quality landing page with it. So: unless you need access to certain advanced features or functions, you can simply use MailMunch to create your landing pages, instead of paying extra for a standalone tool such as Instapage or Unbounce!

3. Use MailMunch’s Content Gate feature

We’ve saved MailMunch’s best feature for the last -- and that’s the Content Gate.With this feature, you can restrict access to a piece of content until a visitor subscribes to your email list.

Say you run a SaaS company, and you’ve created a Skyscraper type article titled 101 Free Resources For Social Media Marketers to promote your email list.

Instead of simply embedding an opt-in form in your article (one that your visitors can EASILY ignore), you can use the Content Gate feature to specify that visitors have to subscribe to your email list before they can access the article.

Assuming that your content is high-quality and useful, your visitor will probably enter their email in order to gain access.Bingo! You’ve just earned yourself a new email subscriber.

How to Integrate Sendlane With MailMunch

Want to export the data that you collect with MailMunch to your Sendlane account?

Use this step-by-step walkthrough to set up your MailMunch integration, and get your data to automatically sync to Sendlane.

Take Your Opt-In Forms to The Next Level With MailMunch

Think of your opt-in forms as the “gatekeeper” to your email list.If these forms don’t look good, aren’t responsive, or somehow don’t get the job done, then you’ll find it THAT much harder to build your email list.

Thankfully, MailMunch makes it a breeze to create beautiful, high-converting opt-in forms that catch your website visitor’s eye.

For those of you who have neglected your opt-in forms thus far, you have no more excuses… go ahead and use MailMunch to up your game!

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