Referral Hero: A Must-Have Referral Marketing Automation Tool

18 Apr
Referral Hero: A Must-Have Referral Marketing Automation Tool

Referral marketing is one of the cheapest, easiest ways to acquire new customers. It’s also one of the most effective. In fact, referral marketing has powered some of the biggest brand successes of all time.

Airbnb and Dropbox are two classic examples. As young startups, they relied heavily on referral marketing programs to fuel their growth. Dropbox built a $10 billion company, and Airbnb a $20 billion company, thanks in large part to email referrals.

The concept is simple. Offer a happy customer an incentive to refer others to the brand (and maybe offer them incentives, too). Word of mouth leads to a steady-flowing, fast-growing pipeline of new contacts and customers.

The results are amazing. Email referral campaigns easily outperform most other types of marketing. Happy customers do all the work; friends and family are more inclined to pay attention and respond to personal requests than to brand appeals. As contact circles widen, campaigns quickly go viral.

In addition to sky-high conversion rates, referral programs tend to produce more loyal customers.

In a 2017 survey, 78% of brands using referral programs indicated the customers they acquired via referral programs are more loyal than customers acquired by other means.

Referral programs are also a breeze to set up and execute, if you’re using a platform like ReferralHero—one of Sendlane’s latest (and coolest!) integrations.

The Beauty of the ReferralHero Platform

Referral marketing has never been this easy to implement and scale. You can use ReferralHero to customize and launch sweepstakes, coupon-driven lead magnets, ambassador programs, pre-launch campaigns, and other types of referral programs in mere minutes. 

Afterward, you can sit back, relax, and watch the magic happen. You can also get detailed insights on how and why your campaign’s reach is expanding.

Encourage customers to sign up, spread the word

Using the signup form on your website (which you can customize easily and embed in seconds), customers can register to win, become part of a rewards program (give $10/get $10, etc.), or be notified of a launch or promotion. 

Customers then receive a unique referral link they can share with family, friends, and online networks. 

Engage users effortlessly to drive referrals and sales

With ReferralHero, you can automate personalized emails letting customers know they’ve reached a certain milestone (10 friends referred, for example) and/or earned a discount, freebie, or other incentive.

Track your campaigns from every angle

Where are visits and conversions coming from? How viral is your campaign? ReferralHero’s global tracking engine, which you can find via the “Analytics” tab in your ReferralHero dashboard, will show you the referral breakdown and which customers and channels are delivering highest ROI.

We’re excited to offer Sendlane users a seamless experience with this industry-leading platform. Here’s how you can unlock all of ReferralHero’s great features, and get started with referral marketing, in no time flat.

ReferralHero + Sendlane: 4 Quick Steps, and You’re Ready to Roll

Integrating ReferralHero with Sendlane is easy! To complete the sync, you’ll just need to take a few seconds to manually enter some data.

Then, once you’re done linking both accounts, each new ReferralHero campaign contact will automatically be subscribed to the Sendlane list you’ve specified. 

As you create and remove lists in your Sendlane account, you can update the ReferralHero list menu by clicking “Update Lists.”

That’s all there is to it! Now you’re ready to design and unleash your first referral marketing campaign.

A quick word about custom fields. With your ReferralHero integration, you’ll have access to a variety of custom fields you can use to gather and track key data.

  • Subscriber’s ID (SUB_ID)
  • Subscriber’s extra field value—a phone number, zip code, or anything else you’d like to ask for in the order form (you’ll get two of these: EXTRA_FIELD and EXTRA_FIELD_2)
  • Subscriber’s unique referral code (REF_CODE)
  • Subscriber’s unique referral link (REF_LINK)
  • Subscriber’s number of referrals (TOT_REF)
  • Subscriber’s source—if there is no source, the value will be “none” (REF_SOURCE)
  • Time stamp of most recent referral (LAST_REF)

These custom fields are automatically added, with no action needed on your part. ReferralHero will continue updating field values as they change (e.g., each subscriber’s total number of referrals).

Get Inspired with These Customer Success Stories

ReferralHero-based referral campaigns work fast to drive brand recognition and revenues through the roof. 

Current Media

Current Media, a new app that provides users with a single access point for all their favorite streaming services, launched earlier this year. The company used ReferralHero to raise $36 million via 600,000 referrals and build a contact base of more than 500,000.


Sphere is a cryptocurrency-powered social network currently under development. A ReferralHero lead magnet program allowed the company to build a pre-launch email list of interested potential investors. Within three weeks, that list had grown to 150,000; Sphere now has over 250,000 subscribers.


The founder of online retailer Whistler wanted to generate buzz for an upcoming product launch. In less than 10 minutes, he set up a ReferralHero campaign encouraging his backers to refer a friend in exchange for a product sample. Whistler’s subscriber list grew from 800 to 15,000 within days and has since surpassed 50,000.

Ready, Set, GO!

Integrating ReferralHero with Sendlane is the easy part.

Setting up a referral campaign? Well, that’s easy, too. You won’t believe how little time and effort it takes. Soon after launch, you’ll marvel at the results.

Watch as subscribers and sales multiply in real time. With ReferralHero analytics, you’ll know exactly how your campaign is performing, where the growth hotspots are, and what you can do to make your next big campaign even more engaging. 

Questions about the ReferralHero integration process or how to make the most of this incredible marketing tool? Leave a comment below or get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help!

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