How to Add an SMS Message to Your Automation Funnel

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Sendlane’s all-in-one platform enables you to manage ALL of your marketing communications so you can quickly and easily integrate SMS with your other revenue-boosting efforts.

For example, say you’ve seen a trend with your contacts clicking the “Shop Now” link in your emails — but when they get to your products page, they click away instead of buying.

The solution? Create a laser-focused automation funnel that sends a text to these contacts offering them a deep incentive to buy.

Here’s a peek at how you can set this up to work on autopilot...

1. Be sure you've added SMS to your Sendlane account!

2. Next, you'll select 'Send Message' followed by 'SMS.'

3. Once the action has been added, you will be able to create the body of your SMS message on the right side of the editor.

4. And you're all set! Once the automation is triggered, the SMS will be delivered directly to your contacts phone.

Use SMS automations to boost your other marketing efforts, and watch MORE contacts turn into customers!

Rev Up Your Revenue With SMS

When you start working with text marketing, you’ll find it essential to: 

  • Engage your contacts by writing personal, conversational, inviting texts
  • Make your contacts smile with feel-good discount codes like VIP15
  • Stay legal by including your business name and an opt-out option
  • Boost desire with persuasion techniques like urgency, reciprocity, and tantalizing deals
  • Drive sales by focusing on one clear, strong call to action

So, are you ready to rev up your revenue with SMS? We’d love to get you started!

Grab your free 14 day Sendlane trial right here and start leveraging the power of SMS! 

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