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Grey Ghost Gear’s Email Revenue Attribution Jumps From 1.8% to 34%+ After Switching To Sendlane

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Ryan Cross
Marketing Manager of Grey Ghost Gear
34% Email Revenue

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Executive Summary

It was two years about when Marketing Manager, Ryan Cross, took note of issues with their email marketing platform at the time — MailChimp. The email marketing part of their eCommerce brand had been taking increasing importance over the years, but their ESP was failing to meet their needs in more ways than one.


Revenue Attribution


Deliverability Rate


It started with an unexpected change to their pricing plan. Then, the changes to their Terms of Service and the ESP’s updates surrounding GDPR required them to jump through multiple hoops before they could send out a single campaign.

Understandably, it was starting to be too much to deal with. That was when Ryan began to look at the revenue they were generating after these changes, which became the turning point in starting a search for a new email marketing platform. 

“On average, our percentage of revenue from email marketing at that time was about 1.8%, and the click rate was pretty steadily around 0.5 - 1%. And what’s worse is those metrics weren’t even being tracked or reported on our previous email platform due to the lack of integrations they had.”


Ryan began putting together a list of must-haves Grey Ghost Gear would need from another email marketing platform. Aside from making it easier to actually send emails, there were a few more boxes that needed ticking. 

At the top of the list was better deliverability to help increase CTR and, ultimately, revenue. Next, the need for top-notch customer service with a more one-on-one feel. Lastly, the new platform had to incorporate intelligent email marketing automations — something that was entirely non-existent on their current ESP at the time. 

Soon enough, Ryan came across Sendlane and signed up for a free trial. From the first call with Sendlane’s customer service team, Ryan was impressed by the level of insight and help the team members gave. It was a refreshing change of pace from what he and his team at Grey Ghost Gear were accustomed to. 

“Sendlane’s onboarding reps kept in constant communication. If we had any questions or needed any help, they were always a click away with a rapid response time. We’ve seen a huge increase in all growth metrics since moving to Sendlane. On average, we are currently seeing a 34.37% revenue attribution, a 15% open rate, 8-9% click rate, and a 99.9% deliverability rate. It’s been mindblowing, and we’re just getting started.”


Detailed customer service, marketing automation features, and increased deliverability were lacking at MailChimp, and Grey Ghost Gear switched to Sendlane, who was waiting and ready to answer the call. 

Grey Ghost Gear’s Favorite Things About Sendlane: 

  • Marketing Automation Features — “Marketing automation has been a serious game-changer for our brands. The two most effective strategies we’ve been using are abandoned cart emails and re-engagement emails. Since their implementation in our marketing strategy, Sendlane has recovered thousands of dollars in sales!”
  • One Hub To Easily Manage Multiple Brands “As a brand with one other sister company, the fact that we have multiple sender profiles set up with their own designated audiences has been a huge asset to both entities. Managing the marketing for one brand is challenging enough, so being able to quickly organize contacts, design emails, and schedule campaigns for two separate companies while utilizing automation features for both – it has really been a lifesaver!”
  • Superb Customer Service “The transition to Sendlane was incredibly easy and personal. Our onboarding reps kept in constant communication with us via Skype as well as email. If we had any questions or needed any help, they were always a click away with a rapid response time. The level of customer support was huge compared to what we were accustomed to on our previous platform.”

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Ryan Cross
Marketing Manager of Grey Ghost Gear