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Lifeboost Celebrates #29 on Inc 5000 with The Help of Sendlane

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Dr. Charles Livingston
CEO of Lifeboost Coffee
30% Increase in Revenue

Lifeboost Coffee is a premium, organic, single origin coffee company.

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Burke, VA, USA


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Executive Summary

80% of the population drinks coffee. That was the realization Dr. Charles Livingston had one afternoon while enjoying a cup of coffee. Out of curiosity, Dr. Livingston dug deeper into the popular beverage he loved so much and discovered that most coffees had unnecessary pesticides and toxins in it. This realization motivated him to create the best organic, fair-trade coffee on the market — Lifeboost Coffee.

In 2019, he decided to go all-in the brand. That year LifeBoost grew upwards of 1000%, with email having a significant impact on growth. Charles tried multiple email marketing automation platforms, but all fell short — especially in the customer service and automation areas that mattered most to him.

Lifeboost switched to Sendlane and immediately saw a 39% increase in deliverability and a 22.5% increase in revenue the first month.


Increase in deliverability in the first month


Increase in revenue in the first month


The coffee industry is a competitive space, but Lifeboost’s excellent branding and USP of fair trade, organic coffee that eliminated mold and mycotoxins, helped them gain a quick hold on the market. With a few years under their belt of slow and steady growth, they had ironed out many of the kinks in their customer experience.

As their business started to grow, email showed an even more tremendous promise for revenue generation, and Charles knew there was potential to make it the main income driver.

At the time, they were using Klaviyo and GetResponse for their email campaigns, but both fell short in offering quick support and assistance in their tactical email marketing efforts.

“I’m big on customer service in my businesses. So when I see a business bad at customer service, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. In email marketing, we have things come up that we needed help with ASAP, and it could take those other email platforms up to a week or so before we got the help or answers we needed. ”


Lifeboost went on the hunt to find an eCommerce email marketing platform that not only offered fast support but had specific eCommerce features their growing online brand could scale with:

  • Pre-built marketing automations to quickly and easily build high conversion email funnels.
  • Powerful segmentation features to advance personalization messaging for various customer’s interests.
  • Easy to understand campaign reporting.
  • Better deliverability, so their campaigns were more effective.

It was a long list, but Charles kept searching until he came across Sendlane. Happy to have found a company that had everything he was looking for, he and his Sendlane account manager got Lifeboost’s email marketing account setup.

“As soon as we switched to Sendlane, email deliverability went up by 39%, and revenue from email just keeps growing. One of the emails we sent generated $30k alone, other campaigns can easily bring in $10k-$15k each time, and our revenue per contact has increased to almost $83. Our goal is a million in revenue per month from email, and we’re pushing close now.”


In addition to dramatically boosting their revenue, LifeBoost is now generating 30% of all revenue from their email marketing efforts. With the help of Sendlane’s deliverability specialists, ROI-based eCommerce email marketing features, and a solid email marketing strategy, they are now on track to generate a million dollars per month from email alone.

Lifeboost’s Favorite Things About Sendlane:

  • Top-Notch Customer Service — “You guys are on top of your customer service. Every single rep I’ve talked to has always been on point. I love that.”
  • Marketing Automation Features — “Sendlane has made creating automations super easy for us. When I need to hand off the email marketing tasks or funnel building to someone else, I don’t have to stress out about it because of how easy the platform is to use.”
  • Campaign Reporting Dashboard — “My favorite thing about the dashboard is the campaign reporting. I love seeing the top 5 products that are being sold per email. Being able to keep an eye on that is super helpful.”

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Dr. Charles Livingston
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