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Mad Tasty Pivots to eCommerce During the Pandemic With The Help of Sendlane

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Leila Khoury
Director of Marketing
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MAD TASTY is a hydrating restorative beverage with 20MG of hemp-extract and a flavor that’s actually good.

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Executive Summary

Overworked, burnt out, and anxious. That was how lead singer of OneRepublic, Ryan Tedder, was feeling in 2016. After a lot of research, Ryan discovered that CBD helped to calm his anxiety significantly and allowed him to feel more centered.

Realizing CBD’s positive effects for himself and others, Ryan founded Mad Tasty — a clean CBD beverage brand.

Soon after their start, Ryan brought on Leila Khoury to run the new brand’s marketing and growth. As a shift to eCommerce became their primary focus, Leila doubled down in areas that drove revenue and consumer awareness, ultimately landing her on email marketing.

It was apparent they lacked quality customer support and an easy-to-use but robust eCommerce email solution, so Mad Tasty made the switch from MailChimp to Sendlane to help scale their newly established online store.


Since the start of their brand journey, Mad Tasty relied heavily on retail sales. At the time, the need for email marketing was minimal, so they stuck with the basics that MailChimp had to offer.

In late 2019, the brand decided it was time to diversify revenue paths and invest in growing sales through an online store, which proved to be a wise choice with all that unraveled the following year.

Driving customer awareness and sales as a newer online store became paramount during a global pandemic. However, as they tried to use MailChimp with an eCommerce focus, MAD TASTY found the platform didn’t provide what the brand needed to grow.

“Before 2020, we sent a few email blasts with MailChimp here and there, but it wasn’t a focus. Once we shifted away from retail-only sales to eCommerce sales, driving customer awareness through email became a must-have, and our ESP wasn’t cutting it.”


As the Marketing Director, Leila was in charge of email marketing for the brand, so she had a sharp eye for what they needed both now and as they scaled. She heavily researched eCommerce email marketing platforms but decided to ask others in the Food and Beverage space for ESP recommendations.

As she and the MAD TASTY team took Sendlane for a spin, they were drawn in by the Deep-Data integration, flexible automation features like pre-built funnels, and the personalization options provided.

Leila knew they’d need help with some technical aspects of their email marketing — something MailChimp was falling short on. The high level of customer service and insight offered by Sendlane’s team played a deciding factor in switching over.

“We needed something with robust eCommerce email features that could grow with us but also easy enough to use that so we weren’t held back. Sendlane offered more flexibility with their Automations than MailChimp, and the customer service was the best by far. It was simple enough to build and send campaigns, but we can do so much more to help us grow. That’s huge.”


Using Sendlane during a pivot to eCommerce provided Mad Tasty with the tools and high email deliverability needed to grow during uncertain times.

Mad Tasty’s Favorite Things About Sendlane:

  • Marketing Automation — “There’s so much flexibility with the automations we can create, and they can personalize to each customer’s experience to help us make sales. We’re only just getting started with our automations and what we can do, but we’re finding new opportunities for content all the time. It’s really exciting.”
  • Easy-To-Use Email Builder — “I love the email builder! It’s so easy to build an email that’s on-brand and send it out the door to our customers.”
  • Fantastic Customer Service — “Everyone we’ve been in touch with, all the way since our free trial and down on through us being paid customers have been just astounding! Sendlane knows that helping customers be a success drives their own success that maintaining great customer service is their aim.”

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Leila Khoury
Director of Marketing