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BigCommerce Merchant, Rx Smart Gear Implements a Multi-channel Revenue Strategy w/ Sendlane’s Email & SMS Automation

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Ericka Arguedas
Digital Marketing Manager
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Rx Smart Gear is a world-leading fitness brand that provides innovative products and learning experiences to help customers improve their performance.

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El Cajon, CA



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Powerful Integrations

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Executive Summary

In 2008, Rx Smart Gear started out in the back of a modest, two-car garage in El Cajon, California. It began with two questions:

“Why am I so bad at this?"

"How can I improve?"

These questions marked the beginning of a garage-based innovation obsession that has helped RXSG become a global leader in fitness gear and training techniques.

The brand currently has had multiple Olympic partnerships and provides jump ropes — their star product — to world-renowned NBA Teams.


The team at RXSG already knew about the importance of email marketing. The channel is responsible for 15% of their total revenue and plays a key role in delivering personalized customer experiences.

But most ESPs they used lacked comprehensive employee training, reliable customer support, and integrations with their favorite apps. RXSG was looking for an all-in-one solution that not only enabled them to implement campaigns easily, but also helped their employees understand automations.

We were in need for an easy way to integrate our BigCommerce store with other apps we love, like Justuno, that would enable us to leverage all of our store data throughout our email & SMS automations.


After searching for a while, RXSG came across Sendlane — the best email marketing solution for their needs.

The platform’s intuitive and powerful email and SMS features made it easy to implement a multi-channel strategy.

Plus, the transition was a breeze thanks to their dedicated Customer Success & Implementation managers! Together, they were able to integrate their BigCommerce store and apps like Justuno to start funneling data under one roof.

But the real deal breaker was Sendlane’s hands-on coaching and strategy training, which drastically improved their marketing team’s knowledge and future strategies.

“Sendlane’s customer service is superior to any other service we have ever used. Their customer support taught our team how to build email and SMS automations from scratch. In the past, our employees were unsure how automations worked. Now, they have a clear understanding of what is possible and how to execute it.”


After switching to Sendlane, RXSG saw a boost in revenue and click rates!

They've been leveraging the Sendlane + Justuno integration to enrich customer profiles with the valuable data needed to segment and send high-converting email & SMS.  

They were also able to reach new subscribers easily through multiple channels by implementing automated email & SMS campaigns. It's been a great advantage to their business for welcoming new clients and re-engaging inactive ones!

To top it off, the platform helped them learn the importance of interacting with a responsive customer base and maintaining a good deliverability reputation.

Favorite Things About Sendlane

  • Exceptional customer support: “Sendlane’s customer service is superior to any other service we have ever used.”
  • Intuitive platform features: “The email and SMS campaign and automation builders are comprehensive, and easy to use and update.”
  • Powerful integrations: “Simple integration with BigCommerce and other apps was missing from our previous platform.”

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Ericka Arguedas
Digital Marketing Manager