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Deep-Data for Shopify

How Sendlane's Deep-Data for Shopify Integration helps SANESolution Meticulously Track Email ROI

Talking with Jonathan Bailor, CEO of SANESolution

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How Sendlane's Deep-Data for Shopify Integration helps SANESolution Meticulously Track Email ROI

Executive Summary

From its very beginning, SANESolution’s mission has been to lovingly enable human excellence by better understanding and consuming food. After 10+ years of research, one video went viral, which catapulted Founder Jonathan Bailor into authoring a bestselling book and a movie, Better Movie,  followed by a pivot into eCommerce and email. 

After struggling with various eCommerce solutions to help measure revenue driven through email and their Shopify store, SANESolutions switched to Sendlane to effortlessly and meticulously track email ROI. 

Jonathan Bailor
Jonathan Bailor
CEO of SANESolution


Using the viral video and New York Times Bestseller momentum, SANESolution shifted to building out the eCommerce side of their business using Shopify as a platform. 

Jonathan was aware that email and email data and metrics would help his brand continue to flourish. But as he tried and tested multiple email marketing platforms and tools, he found all of them were cumbersome with very little to show as far as tracking in-depth Shopify customer data and email ROI.  

“Every email marketing platform we tried made it really hard to get a clear view of our eCommerce metrics. Getting any concept of return on investment from email was difficult no matter what tool we used and anything with the potential to do it required a ton of manual work that made it just ridiculous.”


Jonathan continued his hunt for a cost-effective eCommerce email solution that was able to capture actionable Shopify data and offered a high level of customer service. 

Soon enough, Jonathan connected with Sendlane after hearing good things about our customer service and eCommerce features. As his Account Manager helped him set up various automations, our CEO reached out to introduce him to the Shopify Deep-Data integration.   

Jonathan was enthralled as the platform began collecting vital customer data with each email they sent, giving Sane Solution new insights around revenue per email, top-selling products, easy-to-understand eCommerce email metrics, and much more.

“The most straightforward way I can put it is this: If you’re using Shopify and sending emails about your Shopify products, then using anything other than Sendlane and Shopify Deep-Data Integration to do that is just stupid. It’s as plain as that.”  


Coupling Sendlane with our Shopify Deep Data Integration helps SANESolution continually uncover email ROI and discover their best, revenue-driven emails.

Sane Solution's Favorite Things About Sendlane:

Shopify Deep Data Integration

“They make everything so simple. It was literally as easy as, ‘Press this button and watch what happens.”

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Easy-to-Understand Dashboard

“We use the Shopify integration to collect customer data and track their interests, but the interface in the backend dashboard makes that data easy to find and to understand.”

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ROI Tracking

“Tracking ROI in email was the one thing every platform I tried lacked. I love how Sendlane takes all that data and makes it so simple to figure out ROI. No more guesswork. It’s great!”

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