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Cannabis Brand, Santa Cruz Naturals Shifts to eCommerce & Sees 40% Open Rate w/ Sendlane

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Kathleen Weaver
Marketing Operations Manager
Boosted Open Rate 40%

Santa Cruz Naturals is a boutique cannabis dispensary, serving medical & recreational adult users.

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Royal Oaks, CA



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Executive Summary

Every business has its ups and downs. And for cannabis brand Santa Cruz Naturals, they were hit with a double whammy in 2020. Like most cannabis brands, they did have a website, but it wasn’t eCommerce focused — it didn’t need to be. After all, 95% of all their business took place in-store.


When March of 2020 hit California, a shutdown required Santa Cruz Naturals to shut their doors for an entire month. During this time, the brand decided to focus on eCommerce to help their business grow throughout the pandemic. Things were starting to look up, but there were more unforeseen roadblocks ahead. 

Kathleen joined Santa Cruz Naturals in the summer of 2020 as their online marketing hire and email growth quickly became a focus. She switched the brand from MailChimp to ActiveCampaign for the automation features, but that didn’t last long. 

“I was familiar with ActiveCampaign from my previous job, so I thought it would be an easy transition to use them for Santa Cruz. But when I asked if they serviced cannabis brands, I had to speak to people in a bunch of different departments until a Senior VP finally said, ‘No, we don’t,’ and shut things down.”


Kathleen began to research ESPs who supported cannabis brands and eventually stumbled across a blog post mentioning Sendlane. 

After a brief self-guided tour of the platform, Kathleen loved the platform’s intuitive UI and reached out to inquire about whether or not Sendlane would be able to service them as a cannabis brand. 

Right away, she got the green light and switched Santa Cruz Natural’s email marketing over to Sendlane. 

“Making the switch from traditional retail to eCommerce and growing our email was a big shift for us, but the Sendlane team has been there every step of the way. Revenue from email  is way up from this time last year, and our open-rate averages 40% now!”


Cannabis brand, Santa Cruz Naturals, switched to Sendlane as their full-service ESP and continues to gain traction with revenue generating email marketing.

Santa Cruz Naturals' Favorite Things About Sendlane:

  • Marketing Automation – “We set up the conversion tracking through the platform, and it’s been a game-changer. We can trigger automations, switch to another, or stop an automation depending on our contact’s actions. The marketing automations give so much powerful flexibility.” 
  • Intuitive Platform – “The UI is easy to use for both expert and novice users. As a small team, time is money, and now that the UI is so easy to use, we have doubled our productivity. We’ve seen a decrease in staff time when developing/creating emails. If you're in the cannabis business, this is the most robust platform out there.”

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Kathleen Weaver
Marketing Operations Manager