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$42K BFCM Attributed Revenue

Strawberry Hill Baking Company Drives $42,000+ Revenue During Holiday Campaigns with Sendlane

Talking with Marc O'Leary, Owner

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Strawberry Hill Baking Company Drives $42,000+ Revenue During Holiday Campaigns with Sendlane

Executive Summary

Marc O’Leary is a third-generation baker who runs Strawberry Hill, an almost world-famous bakery known for selling a well-known Croatian dessert among other items. 

With his tech career background, Marc refers to himself as a “tech guy first and a baker second.” This is how he managed to take his family bakery into the online world right as the internet was becoming known a couple of decades ago. They’ve been selling bakery goods online ever since.

"Sendlane has all the important features an online store needs to succeed with email and SMS, and it’s so easy to use."
Marc O'Leary
Marc O'Leary


Because of his tech background, Marc is a big believer in the importance of innovation in products. He knew from experience products that stopped innovating couldn’t keep up with customers' needs. 

Initially, they started using Constant Contact as an email provider. Then they moved through a few other tools, including Klaviyo, trying to find an ESP that didn't come with a steep learning curve without losing eCommerce capabilities like automation and SMS. 

 “The products I used for email when we first started did the job, but all of them eventually stopped innovating. And I was tired of spending thousands each month to fix bugs in tools to get our emails out and working properly. I started looking for an email tool that kept up with innovation while being really easy to use.” 


As he started his search, Marc eventually stumbled across Sendlane. After giving it a try, he fell in love with the important marketing features like browser behavior tracking and ease of use. 

When Sendlane recently added SMS to the platform, Marc went to work using Sendlane’s email and SMS opt-in features to collect content and grow their list. Their SMS list increased to 2500+ in just a couple of months right in time for Black Friday and Holiday season shopping.

“Sendlane has all the important features an online store needs to succeed with email and SMS, and it’s so easy to use. On top of that, they aren’t stagnant. Innovation is a really big part of things with them, and I love how they listen to their customers. SMS wasn’t something we thought we needed, but now that we have access to it in the platform, we’re seeing a lot of new opportunities open up that we didn’t have access to before. With all the features we used, we were able to send our holiday campaigns out with ease and generated over $40,000!"


After switching to Sendlane, Strawberry Hill was able to increase their clicks and attributed revenue from email and SMS.

Their 2022 Black Friday and Small Business Saturday campaigns generated $42,250+ in revenue in only 3 days! To top that, their 2022 Christmas emails generated between $8,000-$24,000 per campaign sent.

Utilizing these channels has helped them stay ahead of the game and continue to grow even through the recent economic downturn.

Strawberry Hill’s Favorite Things About Sendlane:

Multi-storefront capabilities

“We recently launched a sister site to our main one. It was really refreshing to be able to plug those customers into the same account to be able to easily cross-promote there without a whole other account. That was really exciting!”

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SMS features

“We only recently started utilizing the SMS lists. Our customers enjoyed that communication channel, and we grew it by a few thousand in a few short months. We’re migrating things over from a different tool soon, so I’m excited to see what we’ll pull together."

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‍Email editor

“I LOVE the new email editor. I can do all kinds of designs and drips on my own and don’t have to think about it. It’s really easy to navigate and use.”

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