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Growing Skincare Brand, The Skintessa Builds Momentum With Sendlane's Intuitive UI

Talking with Amy Wall, CEO

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Growing Skincare Brand, The Skintessa Builds Momentum With Sendlane's Intuitive UI

Executive Summary

From a very young age, Amy Wall found she loved two things: Energetic healing and makeup. After attending school to become an esthetician, she spent the 10+ years of her life building up her knowledge and expertise, eventually being labeled the Top Esthetician in the US in 2016. 

Even though she had managed to start the first beauty team of its kind in Mendocino, California, and own a successful salon and spa, she still had bills piling up. The burnout was real. Amy decided to close the doors on her salon and go all-in on her online store The Skintessa where she would bring into harmony her years of skincare expertise and her knack for intuitive holistic touches that help people bring out their true inner beauty.

Amy Wall
Amy Wall


Being a one-person bootstrapped startup meant wearing many hats. As time went on, Amy figured out that email marketing was going to be a must if she was going to make her business successful. Initially, she started with ConvertKit but since she didn’t consider herself an email savvy person she then outsourced her welcome funnel and other emails. However, this resulted in too much money spent with very little results. 

Deciding she needed to take over the reins, Amy dove all into email marketing education and switched over to ActiveCampaign. However, the platform wasn’t easy-to-use. To add to that, the person who helped onboard her and set up her account did some technical things incorrectly causing a lot of hiccups to get her business off the ground.

“To be honest, I felt really screwed over by ActiveCampaign. Not by them personally, but just because it took up so much time and money to try to learn how to use that platform. I’m a very intuitive and aesthetic-driven person and it was so clunky and hard to use. And even when I felt like I was doing everything right, I still didn’t get the results I knew my business could be getting.”  


Since the learning curve with the platform was getting in the way of her growth, Amy went searching for a different eCommerce email marketing platform. She soon found Sendlane but wanted to dip her toes before fully committing to a platform switch. She got a walkthrough from her assigned account manager and was impressed by both how easy the platform was to navigate and by all the knowledge and support that her account manager offered. 

“Sendlane has been a Godsend. It’s so easy to use! It just fits me and my goals really, really well. And my account manager is just amazing! She’s always super supportive and always there to offer help or advice which has been invaluable. Recently, I did one email campaign that made over $3,500. As a small business with a growing audience, every win builds momentum and Sendlane has been a big help there.”


The Skintessa switched from ActiveCampaign to Sendlane and has received all the support they need to grow their email list.

The Skintessa's Favorite Things About Sendlane:

Extremely Intuitive Platform

“When I first started using Sendlane, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use. For instance, the drag-and-drop features make something like changing out an image very intuitive. Being able to figure out how to use tags and even creating email sequences has been so easy.”

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Unparalleled Support

“That’s one thing that really reeled me in. When I first got onboarded, I got so much help and education the first few weeks after signing up and a bunch more help whenever I needed it. It’s not just the technical support; everyone I’ve talked with at Sendlane wants to see me reach my goals and see me succeed. I love that vibe.”

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