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Cannabis Brand, Veriheal, Uses Sendlane to Generate $50k-$80k+ in MRR

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Anthony Dutcher
Marketing Director at Veriheal
$50-$80K+ in MRR

Veriheal is a healthcare technology company with a mission to provide personalized cannabis education and wellness to everyone around the world.

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Washington, District of Columbia



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Executive Summary

When your brand offers products with a successful track record for sales, it’s natural to assume that email marketing will be a breeze. But if you’re in the cannabis industry, you’re bound to run into various restrictions and roadblocks from many email marketing platforms. 


That was precisely the issue that the cannabis brand, Veriheal, encountered. Veriheal’s mission is to connect those in need of medical marijuana with certified doctors. But due to the necessary content of their emails, their email marketing efforts were often shut down. 

"We were a new eCommerce brand, and I knew we were in dire need of sophisticated, be­havioral-based email automation. We started using the platforms that offered the features we needed, but either our emails got flagged and wouldn’t send, or we’d eventually end up getting kicked off a platform because of our content. It was the epitome of ridiculous."


Finding an eCommerce email marketing solution that serviced the cannabis industry seemed like, well, a pipe dream. But Anthony was determined to find a solution for his brand. After asking around, he was introduced to Sendlane and was impressed by our marketing automation features. But the bigger question remained: “Will they actually work with our brand and us?"

After speaking with a team member, Anthony learned that Sendlane aims to service cannabis brands.

Soon after, Anthony made the switch to Sendlane. With help from Sendlane’s email delivery experts, the Veriheal team set up their account with multiple revenue-generating automated funnels, segmented lists and learned how to use our multi-variate testing feature. 

"Right off the bat, we felt Sendlane was committed to our cause. Thanks to their continued help and platform features, email is now our third-highest revenue driver! On average, email drives $50k in revenue per month just from campaigns. That number is even higher when we factor in revenue from automations."


Using Sendlane for their cannabis-focused brand allowed Veriheal to increase revenue and allowed email marketing to become the brand’s third-highest revenue-driving channel. 

Veriheal's Favorite Things About Sendlane: 

  • Marketing Automation – “This is a big deal for us. We knew from the very beginning we needed an ESP that could easily create dynamic automations, and Sendlane does it so well. We have multiple automations running now, and I don’t have to mess with it much.”
  • Sendlane Experiments – “We’re big CRO advocates! To move people through our funnel, especially in this cannabis industry, it’s really important to us, so we were excited to start using Experiments on the platform. We’ve seen night and day differences with some of our multi-variate tests, and that’s something we would never have been able to do anywhere else but with Sendlane.”
  • Ease-of-use - “As the main marketer handling our email marketing efforts, I want things to be easy for me to just up and run with. Sendlane’s made everything intuitive and easy. I love the drag-and-drop email builder and how simple creating and using tags in emails is.”

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Anthony Dutcher
Marketing Director at Veriheal