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Wellgrove Health Harnesses Sendlane's Intuitive Platform to Create Powerful Marketing Automations

Talking with Dustin Williams, President of Boundary Bend Wellness, USA

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Wellgrove Health Harnesses Sendlane's Intuitive Platform to Create Powerful Marketing Automations

Executive Summary

It started with a simple mission: To make the purest, best tasting Olive Oil on earth. But after 20+ years of working with the superfood, the founders wanted to show the world that there’s more to the olive than just its oil. 

That’s when Wellgrove was born. Intending to sell the antioxidant-rich olive oil and olive leaf extract, the brand chose to expand into eCommerce for a direct-to-consumer experience. 

After trying out various email marketing platforms, Wellgrove chose Sendlane for its ease-of-use and marketing automation capabilities. 

Dustin Williams
Dustin Williams
President of Boundary Bend Wellness, USA


Dustin, President of Boundary Bend Wellness, has always known two things: That olives are a powerful antioxidant he swears by, and email marketing is the name of the game in eCommerce business. 

After coming on board with the company, Dustin started diving deep into the areas of business that were generating revenue. 

As they started pushing out various email marketing campaigns on their current platform, he found that the interface was hard to navigate, the open-rates weren’t anything to write home about, and the email automation features were non-existent.  

”I wouldn’t call the email platform we were using at the time ‘terrible,’ but there was a lot left to be desired. We really wanted something more intuitive and that easily integrated with our Shopify store, and that platform just wasn’t going to cut it for the growth goals we had.”


Wellgrove continued to work on growing their brand. All the while, Dustin kept an eye out for a new email marketing platform worth trying out. At the suggestion of a developer he worked with, he signed up for a free trial with Sendlane and soon enough was on a call with an Account Manager. 

After a quick tour of the platform, Dustin could tell just how easy using Sendlane would be for him and his team, which lessened the hesitation to switch. 

But the two main features that closed the deal were the Deep-Data Shopify Integration and email marketing automations capabilities. After helping Wellgrove migrate to Sendlane, the team assisted him in setting up personalized automations and offered continuous advice and support for their marketing goals. 

”The Shopify integration is no small feat. There is so much data at our fingertips now and the dashboard in Sendlane makes it so easy to dig through and understand things. The automations we’re running have really helped us bump up our open-rates and sales.”


Wellgrove switched to Sendlane’s platform to integrate with their Shopify store and create powerful email marketing automations that have since helped their business grow.

Wellgrove's Favorite Things About Sendlane:

Ease of Use

“Sendlane is wonderfully intuitive. One of the reasons we were hesitant to switch ESPs was the learning curve we all feared. The folks as Sendlane have made sending emails and setting up automations that get results really straightforward.”

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Marketing Automation

“The email automations were huge for us; we didn’t have them when we were using MailChimp. Now we have abandoned cart emails, a welcome email funnel, and even things like fulfillment emails all working in the background and helping us provide a better customer experience.”

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Real-Time Analytics

“Since we use the Deep-Data Shopify Integration and Sendlane Beacon, we have access to a ton more data than we ever had before. Sendlane translates all of it into easy-to-understand metrics. And with Beacon running, we can track our customers’ interests and send emails or show retargeting ads that build on that interest. It’s great!”

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