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Deliverability experts.
A title we don't take lightly.

Never have we ever... outsourced our deliverability. Something most ESPs can't say about their platform.

We personally handle your email deliverability

Here's something most platforms don't want you to know... The fate of every message you send isn't exactly in their control.

Why? Because they rely on third party platforms to manage their deliverability.

Here at Sendlane, we’re deliverability experts. That means we never use a third-party platform or white-label service to manage our deliverability for us.

Our team is here to provide best practices and setup to optimize your deliverability and help your emails hit the inbox.

Sendlane deliverability team

At Sendlane we own
our entire email infrastructure

That means we personally handle your email deliverability. Owning our infrastructure helps us help you maintain a quality sender reputation and maximize your deliverability rate.

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Great email deliverability starts with high quality IP's.

When you switch to Sendlane you get access to premium IP's setting you up for success by maximizing your deliverability rates.

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We LOVE Sendlane and if anyone asks what ESP to use - We point them to Sendlane!

Kathy MurrayOpd
Mgr - Email Specialist, RightSideData