The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing CLTV for Digital Retailers

When it comes to eCommerce, customer retention is the name of the game. Keep your store cruising onward and upward with these seven strategies to increase CLTV, boost revenue, and lower acquisition costs.

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What you’ll get in this eBook:

  • Seven eCommerce marketing strategies to complete what we call your CLTV flywheel

    We cover it all from SMS and social proof to post purchase offers, subscriptions, and more.

  • Proven tactics to kick your post-purchase funnel into high-gear

    Build an intuitive post-purchase funnel that keeps shoppers on track for repurchase

  • Tips to create a consistent and cohesive customer experience

    How to establish a thoughtful customer UX designed to increase retention and loyalty

  • Learn how to automate everything 

    More than just your email marketing, our tips and tricks to fully setting your store on cruise control

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