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Email Marketing

eCommerce email marketing made easy

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Intuitive drag-and-drop email builder

Easily design and send the perfect mobile and desktop optimized email using our powerful drag-and-drop campaign builder. No technical skills required (but you can use HTML, too!)

Choose from a variety of professional, high converting email templates that you can customize for the perfect message.

Quickly design and send campaigns

With just a few clicks you can send newsletters, coupons, increase brand awareness, or announce new product updates.

Want to promote a special limited-time offer? Build the perfect campaigns to send a newsletter to all your campaigns or a selected targeted segment in minutes on the exact time you want.

Save time and guess work with machine learning open predictability

Never worry about sending at the wrong time again. Sendlane automatically tracks the open patterns and habits of each contact to ensure your messages are sent when each person is most likely to engage.

Marketing Automation

Customer experiences tailored to each individual contact

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Use customer behavior to send targeted messaging

Let your customers lead the way when it comes to sending them marketing messages Leverage behavior-based automation funnels to trigger an email or SMS based on your contacts' actions to create journeys that are as unique as each and every one of your contacts!

Our pre-built automations eCommerce funnels give a jump start on getting started and save a ton of time in the process.

Connect with users at the "perfect" moment

Doubt is a really Debby Downer. But with our smart automations, you never have to second guess what you should be sending your audience. Use event-based automations to send to deploy personalized messaging communications as soon as a contact makes a purchase or subscribes to your email list to start nurturing new contacts and customers on autopilot.

Follow up with contacts through a traditional 'drip' campaign with a twist! Sendlane enables you to segment your list based on real-time actions, behaviors, and goals to trigger unique experiences.

Automated retargeting

Immediately track and identify distracted website visitors to automatically trigger communications to follow up with exactly what they’re looking for, earning you more sales… and more revenue!

From abandoned cart emails to custom product recommendations, Sendlane helps you bring visitors back to your site to recover lost sales.

SMS Marketing

How does a 98% open rate sound?

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Messages sent straight to your customers pocket

Here’s a question for ya: Where’s your cell phone? Our guess is either in your pocket or within arm's reach, right? Well, you customers are no different. Send personalized SMS messages directly to the one device they never leave home without.

Easily collect & manage phone numbers

Whether you want to give people a chance to opt-in at a retail location and event or through an online form, we’ve made collecting numbers easy.

Our built-in pop-up builder makes it easy to customize a form to collect phone numbers. And our platform is built to help you effectively manage the information.

Efficiently add personalized SMS messages to automated funnels

As part of our platform, SMS messages can be sent as stand alone campaigns or as messages that integrate and personalize to automated workflows.

Our growing number of integrations, including many SMS-based tools, help you customize your SMS toolset to create messages

Experiments - Multivariate Testing

Take the guesswork out of your campaigns and allow Sendlane to optimize and send for you.

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Test multiple campaign components in up to 4 email versions

Measure the impact of campaign components (subject, preheader, and content) with 12 point optimization.

See how even the smallest of changes can have a significant impact on your campaign success!

Set your goals and audience size

Choose what the percentage of your email audience will be included in the experiment, the time frame in which you want to test, and the goal of your campaign. That’s when the automated optimization begins!

Let the system determine the “winner” based on your goals

Based on the experiment data and goals you set, Sendlane will automatically measure how different variables impacted your contacts’ engagement and determine the winner.

The winning email version is then deployed to your remaining audience making your most powerful marketing channel even more lucrative!

Sendlane Beacon

Keep tabs on the entire customer journey with Sendlane Beacon

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Finally understand how your site vistors interact

Know where your customer is every step of their journey. Beacon follows your contacts no matter what page they’re on collecting data on all of their behaviors so you can target them when they are most likely to purchase.

Power up your marketing with cross-channel retargeting

With our powerful tracking pixel, not only can you follow your customer’s journey, but you can level up your marketing with targeted, more personalized automations.

You can even use it to retarget your site visitors and customers with ads on social channels proven to drive eCommerce sales.

Measure and track data that matters for your growth

Our robust tracking and analytics dashboard gives you all your data in one marketing hub. You can dial in your view to see the exact ROI generated from a campaign or get an overview of your efforts to help you make better marketing choices — all based on your customers’ actions and behaviors, and not a guesstimate.

Multivariable Segmentation

Advanced segmentation that puts your audience in the driver's seat

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Unlock hidden revenue potential

Having a profitable list doesn’t happen solely based on the size. Your list is made up of multiple types of customers, some of which are more active, loyal and ready to buy.

With our multivariable segmentation, you can start finding and segmenting your list to find new revenue that you could be missing out on.

Let your audience do the work for you

With over 100 data points built into our marketing automation platform, you can easily assemble multiple revenue-driven segmentations for your brand.

Once those are setup, our platform will automatically start sorting your audiences into highly targeted lists based on their behavior, actions, purchases, and more so that you can deliver hyper-personalized content and offers.

Segmentation that grows with your brand

As your business grows, your marketing automation tool should be able to grow with it. We’ve designed our platform’s segmentation and automation features to expand with your needs.

Real-time Analytics

Better business comes from better insights

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Cross-channel analytics in a simplified dashboard

No fumbling around a clunky and frustrating interface. Our easy-to-use dashboard lets you find everything from simple metrics like click and open rates to dialing in on the exact performance and ROI of every email and SMS message. And that’s only scratching the surface.

Understand your customers with real-time data

Get a pulse on how your customers are responding to your current marketing efforts. You can view your campaign results from various automated workflows or identify ways to improve your customer lifetime value — all in real-time.

Discover more opportunities with segmented reports

Better visibility means better decisions. Easily segment who clicked, who converted, and much more to continue to nurture your contacts with content that fits their needs and behaviors.

Intelligent Pop-ups

Pop-ups that work harder and smarter

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Increase conversions with the best performing form types

You need more than just a pop-up form. You need forms that are proven to work. We’ve included the four highest converting form types that you can customize your offerings to:

- Inline

- Pop-ups

- Floating top or bottom banners

- Floating box

Forms that trigger personalized automations

Since our forms are built into our platform, they sync and mold perfectly with your automation workflows. You can tag and segment leads based on the form they fill out and then start sending cross-channel workflows that tailor to each potential lead or customer.

Customizable forms + a customizable experience

Our drag-and-drop builder makes forms easily editable meaning you can match your brand with each form you create. It also has custom fields so that you can do more than the average pop-up has to offer.

But more than that, you can craft an experience with these smart pop-ups that are sure to wow. Choose which device to display your forms, which form to show to people who’ve been on your site before, what time to display a pop-up and much more.

1,400+ Integrations

Powerful integrations to level up your eCommerce store

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1,400+ integrations

Connect with your favorite shopping cart, payment processor, membership platform, and or thousands of other apps that combine perfectly with Sendlane.

With flexible integration options, you don't have to sacrifice power or capabilities. Pass the data you need from the tools you use everyday.

Native, deep data integration for eCommerce

Leverage custom-built, powerful native integrations like Shopify, Clickbank, MIVA, WooCommerce, and many more that provide you with the deepest data possible.

For example: Map Shopify tags into your contact's Sendlane profile, or pull Shopify fields to use in your segmentation: Product Purchases, Product Categories, Dollar Amount Spent, and more!

Powerful, intelligent integrations

Quickly update your social media advertising with Facebook, automate your reward marketing with Smile.io, and segment your audience using a variety of data points between all your integrations.

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