The eCommerce Segmentation Handbook

12 eCommerce Email Marketing Segments to Maximize Your Customer LTV

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What you'll get in this eBook:

Unlock Your Hidden Revenue Potential

Email should generate 30-40% of your revenue. Learn how segmentation can help you find those sales you've been missing out on.

Let Your Audience Do
The Work For You

Automatically segment your contacts into highly targeted lists based on their actions, purchases, and more to deliver hyper-personalized content & offers.

Leverage Over 100 Of Your Stores Data Points

Find out how to leverage all the data points from your store to easily assemble multiple revenue-driven segmentations for your brand.

Craft Messages Based On Your Customer LTV

Segment your customers based on their lifetime value to send targeted messages that encourage repeat purchases.

Target Contacts Based on Website Activity

Track your contacts every move throughout your website to send the right message at the right time.

Start Building All 12 Segments Today

Get easy step-by-step tips to start building out your own highly targeted segments and boost your ROI on autopilot!

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