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6 months discounted Sendlane plan + unlimited access to eCom Email Academy

For those just getting started, we offer a unique package that includes both your email automation tool & your education all in one. Get 6 months of full access to The Sendlane Growth Plan plus Exclusive access to the eCommerce Email Academy online course.
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6 month access to the Sendlane growth plan

Regular Retail Price: $594
All the Sendlane Growth features, 24/7 live chat support, and grow up to 5,000 contacts

Campaigns & Newsletters

Machine Learning Open Predictability

Email Template Library

List Hygiene

Email Template Library

Intelligent Pop ups & Forms

Real Time Data & Analytics

Experiments Testing

Multivariable Segmentation

SMS Marketing

Drag & Drop Email Builder

Behavior, Event & Trigger Based Automation

Tag & Custom Fields

Sendlane Beacon Website Tracking

Beacon Website Tracking

all this plus...

Unlimited access to eCom Email Academy

Regular Retail Price: $247
The step-by-step email marketing course for eCommerce marketers & owners. Learn how to turn your email marketing into a customer nurturing, ROI turning, machine!

57 Video Lessons

10 course stages from content & copy to automated funnels (over 8 hours total!)

2+ Hours of Expert Interviews

Get access to exclusive video interviews and learn from top eCom marketers.

eCom Email Marketing Certification

Watch an automation funnel built out from start to finish.

11 Printable Checklists

Keep your email strategy on track as you apply the course to your marketing

30+ Pages of Case Studies

Printable case studies of how brands like Starbucks & TOMS leverage email marketing

10 Course Quizzes

Test your knowledge along the way & unlock each module as you go

Get The Starter Package

Here's what's included with the course

In depth video lessons, expert interviews, PDF downloads, and more!

Module #1

Intro to eCom Academy

Introduction to the course and breakdown each module and the overall flow of eCommerce Email Academy.

Personal introduction to the course from
your instructor, Jimmy Kim

Module #2

Email Marketing vs Automation

The core differences between email marketing & automation

Email vs. website tracking

Single channel vs. cross channel

Revenue, action & event attributions

The goals of email marketin automation

8 video lessons (42 min)

Module #3

Intro to Email Marketing

The goal of email marketing

Different ways to collect emails

Mass emails vs. transactional & automated emails

Understanding & analyzing data

Tracking: goals & actions (UTM)

Best time to send & best practices

9 video lessons (48 min)

Module #4

Content & Copy

Content marketing in email

Sender names & from emails

The power of subject lines

The "perfect" message

CTA's: when, where & how many

8 emails your eCom store should have

7 video lessons (60 min)

Module #5

Deliverability Best Practices

Understanding reputation

Frequency & timing

Spam & trigger words

SEO for email marketing

Link cloaking & control

Understanding gmail & tabs

Clean up & hygiene

9 video lessons (58 min)

Module #6

Data-Driven Marketing (Segmentation)

Intro to data-driven marketing

Deep dive into segmentation data points

How to use segmentation to make data-driven decisions

uUse cases for segmentation

Data & behavior personalization

6 video lessons (35 min) + 3 checklists

Module #7

Newsletters, Drips, Coupons & More


Drip campaigns

Surveys, coupons, loyalty & rewards

Product release/launch

Best practices

9 video lessons (44 min)

Module #8

Event-Based Marketing

What is event-based marketing?

The goals & advantages

How event-based marketing is used in eCommerce

Setting goals for event-based marketing

Automation funnels

6 video lessons (30 min) + 3 checklists

Module #9

Email Marketing Funnels

Deep dive into auomation funnels
(to support marketing funnels)

Building out automation funnels
(with a data-driven marketing focus)

Building out automation funnels
(with a behavior-based marketing focus)

9 video lessons (52 min)

Module #10

Wrapping It Up

Congrats you've made it! Module wrap up

Final quiz, test your knowledge

Receive your formal certification

Receive your certificate of completion

Plus a full stack of bonuses

In depth video lessons, expert interviews, PDF downloads, and more!

11 Downloadable Checklists

Included with eCom Email Academy is a variety of downloadable action checklists! You can download and print each for reference!

3 eCommerce Expert Interviews

Meet 2 technology companies and 1 high velocity eCommerce brand and learn how they use data and email in their business!

3 In-Depth Big Brand Case Studies

We dissected 3 major brands and everything they do in email marketing including real examples!

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