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We’re passionate about finding solutions. That’s where you come in. Yes, you.

We could talk all day about how our platform was built on the foundation of solving problems for business (No, seriously...we could do that all day). But the thing is, nothing we do would be possible without the people on our team who are constantly driving our evolution and growth through their solution-oriented creativity, innovation and thoughtfulness. When you join the Sendlane team, you’re not a number. You’re a part of the solution. And without you, we can’t do this. You in?

Our philosophy #1

Always be part of the solution

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"The best part about working for Sendlane is that everyone really cares about one another. You can ask anyone and everyone for help whenever you need it. This is the only company I have ever worked for that really feels like family."
Cherie Ueno
Cherie Ueno,
Content Marketing Manager
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“People at Sendlane really trust one another. It’s this trust that enables us to take needed risks, challenge each other to grow, and achieve the ambitious goals we set for ourselves and the company.”
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Amir Torabi,
VP, Sales
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Our philosophy #2

We value our people above everything

Our core values

Be a part of the solution

Be objective. Look for opportunities to learn. Focus on the cause, not the symptom. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

We are always a team

We all have the same goal. If you go the extra mile, then we all do. We succeed together. We fail together. We are a team, always.

There’s no room for ego

When ego is lost, limits are lost. There’s always room to improve and grow. Get out of your own way and trust the process. We never know it all. We never want to.

Channel positivity

Positivity is a choice and attracts positivity. Don’t focus on what you can’t control; focus on what you can create.

Be quick but don’t hurry

Constantly move at the edge of your abilities. Fear of failure is the greatest failure of all.

Be passionate

Channel your drive and commitment to energize and inspire everyone around you.

Integrity matters

Honesty is courageous. Trustworthiness is noble. Focus on your character, not your reputation.

Be humble

Accept your limitations. Recognize your faults. Appreciate your strengths. Share your knowledge. Strive for constant evolution.

Team members

Become a part of a high-performing and collaborative team

Collaboration, communication and transparency are at the heart of everything we do to align, design, iterate and solve our toughest problems.

Sendlane is #610 on The Inc. 5,000 List

We're so proud to be amongst so many elite businesses and even more proud of our team that has helped us get there through hard work, determination, and of course a few thousand gallons of coffee.

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Perks and benefits we love most

Full Health Insurance

We need you at 100%. That’s why we cover your medical, dental and vision 100%, too.

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Flexible PTO

Take what you need when you need it. No accruals. No use it or lose it. Need some time? Sounds good to us!


Being the future-focused company that we are, why wouldn’t we invest in your future with you?

Flex Work Schedule

Early bird? Night owl? We’ll work with you.

Own a Piece

When you help bake the pie, you get to have a piece! Take pride and ownership in the company you’re helping build!

Competitive Salary

You know your value. We’re proud to offer our team fair and considerate compensation.

Sweet Office Perks

MacBooks, standing desks and spinny chairs...we provide what you need to work comfortably and productively!

Team Culture

Culture is everything. At Sendlane, we’re friends first and we will always foster that no matter what. Annual trips and monthly outings help, too!

Snack Central

Bring your self-control with you because our cupboards and fridges are stocked with chips, candy, redbull, sodas, breakfast sandwiches, gummy snacks, and anything else you can imagine!

Our hiring process

We have a 5-step hiring process that generally takes about 2 weeks from application to offer letter.



We take our culture very seriously. All applicants are required to complete The Culture Index survey.


Video Call

Hop on a 30 minute video chat to discuss the job and goodness of fit.


Skill Review

Complete a department-focused project that showcases your talents.



You meet key stakeholders for about an hour. We ask you questions (a lot of them). You ask us questions (a lot of them).



You did it. You landed your dream job.
Welcome to the team!

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