From purchases and revenue to behavior and engagement — get a 360-degree view of all your customer data centralized in one platform.

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Meet your #1 source of truth — eCDP: eCommerce Customer Data Platform

Bring all your data together from your website, shopping cart, communications, and more to keep a constant pulse on how your business is performing, how your customers are engaging with your brand, and how much revenue you’re driving.

Get a Full 360 view of your entire database in real-time

From what products they purchased to what pages they’ve visited on your website to how they interact with your communications, our streamlined interface makes it easy to navigate and keep tabs on your customers in real-time.

Build the perfect audience, create repeat customers, and drive revenue in just one click

Hefty spreadsheets and time-consuming reporting are a thing of the past. That’s why Sendlane audiences make tasks like mass selecting contacts, adding tags, merging lists, and creating the perfect audiences based on data a breeze. And don’t worry, you’ll still have your standard lists when you need them.

Other useful features

Unlock your marketing automation powers with Sendlane’s helpful batch of resources.

Email Marketing

Create visually stunning emails with best-in-class deliverability to make sure your messages land a spot in the inbox.

SMS Marketing

Spark conversations and drive dollars by adding personalized SMS messaging to your funnels.

Intelligent Pop-ups

Capture more emails, reduce abandoned carts, and drive more sales with intelligent pop-ups for your website.

Real-Time Analytics

From open rates to conversion performance, get access to tons of data.


Test multiple variables in your emails to determine the best possible combination and optimize your messaging on autopilot.

Deep-Data Integrations

Connect Sendlane with your favorite lead capture pages, shopping carts, membership platforms and more

Sendlane Beacon - Tracking

From sign ups and purchases to abandoned carts and page views, trigger messages based on real-time customer behavior.

Multivariable Segmentation

Leverage 100+ data points to create the "perfect audience" from your list based on a variety of options.

Marketing Automation

Give everyone a unique experience through perfectly timed and targeted automation funnels while you sit back & relax.