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Ditch the DIY approach and create truly customized eCommerce experiences with a top-notch support team by your side. See how Sendlane stacks up against Klaviyo.

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If you’re looking for a complex automation platform with various capabilities, all under one umbrella? Klayvio has it. But when it comes to support and platform navigation… let’s just say you’ll need a lot more than a quick tutorial to find your way around.

Here at Sendlane, you’ll get all the same eCommerce focused features wrapped in an intuitive user interface that’s continuously being elevated based on our customers’ needs. Plus, we throw in 24/7 world-class support for all our customers.

Compared to Klaviyo, we don’t treat you like just another fish in the sea; you’re the only fish we see.

So if you’re ready to take a less complicated approach to your email marketing, take Sendlane for a spin and see how we can help you convert your first-time visitors to lifetime customers on autopilot!

Get around the clock customer support: All-day, every day.

Morning person? Night owl? Working on a Holiday? We’ll be here. Even our free trial users get access to our 24/7 customer support team. Better yet, pro-level users get access to our Account Management Team (AKA email extraordinaires), who will journey with you from onboarding and deliverability to email strategy and beyond.

Experience powerful features, minus the headaches.

We take pride in the fact that our platform just makes sense. In addition to an easy-to-navigate user interface, we’ll show you the ropes through in-depth onboarding and 24/7 customer support. As you get up to speed with Sendlane,  teach you how to apply best practices that set you up for success!

Create laser-targeted multivariable segments on the fly.

With over 100 data points built into Sendlane, we make it easy to sort your audiences into highly targeted segments based on behaviors, purchases, engagement, and more to deliver hyper-personalized content that generates more revenue for your business.

Connect multiple stores all in one place.

Optimize all your store communications under one roof. Whether you’re connecting three Shopify stores or a WooCommerce & MIVA store… whatever combination you’ve got, we’re here to keep your messaging running swimmingly, driving more revenue with every personalized send.

Don’t stress the switch from Klaviyo consider us your personal movers.

So you have a lot to move? We’ve got you covered. Our team will not only help you make the move; we’ll give you some pointers on your way in to help you start automating in a snap.

We’ll move all this and more:

  • Contacts & lists
  • Segments & tags
  • Automation workflows
  • Templates & custom fields

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