80sTees Seamlessly Migrates to Sendlane & Boosts ROI by 127%

Talking with Dave Koziel, Head of Marketing

Increase in ROI
Average Click Rate Across Automations
Successful Deliverability

Executive Summary

Kevin Stecko has always been obsessed with 80s pop culture and graphic tees. In 1999, he turned his passion into a business and started selling tees. When Stecko landed his first sale on eBay (a He-Man t-shirt he listed for $32), he was hooked—and 80sTees was born. The business has since grown out of his bedroom and into a warehouse, selling t-shirts across the globe.

"I feel like the people at Sendlane care about what I have to say and help us achieve our business goals. There isn't any fighting against us; it's always working with us. The team is just amazing… the customer service is 100x better."

Dave Koziel, Head of Marketing


80sTees was using Klaviyo to generate sales, but as Head of Marketing Dave Koziel explains, costs got out of control, and the customer service was "horrible."

"(Klaviyo) also started to become very pushy about how we should send emails and SMS, which was uncomfortable. I didn't feel like the product aligned with our goals, and we were pressured to send the emails they wanted instead of what was best for our business."

‍The straw that broke the camel's back was when 80sTees launched a Ghostbusters-themed email campaign—and was quickly penalized without any outreach from the customer support team. ‍

"I put a quote from Ghostbusters as a subject line for email, and they instantly suspended our whole account without even reaching out to us. The worst part was that it was a weekend, so we didn't get our account back for a few days."

However, with a vast customer database of over one million contacts, migrating
to another email marketing platform was daunting. As Dave runs the company's marketing program solo, he needed a solution with a lot of support to make the move possible.


After weighing his options, Dave decided Sendlane would best suit his needs because of the price, feature stack—and impressive migration support from the Sendlane team.

‍"The Sendlane team did everything they could to make the transition smooth. I remember one Friday night chatting back and forth with the team via Slack to get us switched over to Sendlane from Klaviyo, and I remember thinking… I can't believe they’re helping me on a Friday night."

Dave also mentioned that whenever 80sTees needs new opportunities for campaigns, the Sendlane team helps him recognize them and implement the best strategies.

80sTees migrated its existing Klaviyo email flows and campaign templates into a new Sendlane account within a few weeks, thanks to Sendlane's hands-on customer support. The team also helped create custom campaigns to target 80sTees' customer base and offered expert advice on how to tweak email flows to generate better results.

"I wanted to create emails featuring multiple t-shirts that would be able to be automatically pulled from the site. So, I put in a feature request, and in about two weeks, Sendlane made it happen."

The Results

Since switching from Klaviyo to Sendlane, 80sTees has had some significant wins:

  • Cleaned up their email list and minimized spam occurrences thanks to Sendlane's deliverability reputation
  • Saving 50% on their email & SMS marketing costs
  • Averages a 7% click rate across all emails and automations

The team plans to build on its email campaign success and expand into SMS and automated omnichannel campaigns to drive even more sales.

"We really haven't scratched the surface yet of what we could be doing—I'm excited to see what we can build on by implementing these new strategies."