Doe Beauty Trims Email Costs by 30% and Boosts Revenue by 23% Monthly with Sendlane

Talking with Jason Wong, Founder

Average increase in email revenue month over month
Increase in AOV

Executive Summary

Doe Beauty is an online beauty retailer specializing in Korean Silk Lashes.

Founder Jason Wong launched the company in 2019 after his girlfriend said her false lashes were uncomfortable. When Wong talked about this with his friendship circle, he found it was a common problem and a market gap. Customers who purchased false lashes didn't have brand loyalty, and Wong saw an opportunity to build a brand these consumers could really connect with.

He created the concept and branding for Doe Beauty within 48 hours and purchased his first lot of inventory for just $500.

"At the end of the day, Email Service Providers all offer the same thing. But Sendlane stands out because it has excellent support, super simple UX/UI and unbeatable pricing—It ticks all the boxes."

Jason Wong, Founder


Doe Beauty utilizes various channels to engage customers including influencers, and paid ads. However, a substantial portion of their online revenue stems from their retention marketing program.

Despite implementing multiple email flows, they faced challenges due to Klaviyo's insufficient support and functionality, leading to gaps in meeting their email marketing requirements. The tipping point arose when Doe Beauty's marketing team grew frustrated with the high costs for features they deemed overpriced.

“Given how we've priced our products to be budget-friendly and our slim profit margins, especially with digital ad costs going up, we wanted to maximize our most cost-effective marketing channels… most importantly our email marketing.”


Doe Beauty made the switch to Sendlane because of its intuitive UI and merchant-friendly pricing—and immediately cut its email marketing bill by two-thirds.

Sendlane's migration experts made sure the switch between platforms was seamless. Wong said his team was (pleasantly) surprised at how "on-call" Sendlane's team has been for any questions or support they needed.

"The Sendlane Team made the migration experience seamless... We always get a reply on Slack within 24 hours—no matter what. The support is insane."

It's not just Sendlane's support that has won Doe Beauty over.

Features like the drag-and-drop email builder and triggered automation flows have also proven to be game changers for Doe Beauty's marketing team. Since migrating to Sendlane, Wong overhauled dozens of email campaigns and created template libraries from scratch in just a few days. Now, every email Doe Beauty sends includes the correct tags and link tracking, enabling the team to gather granular data on how customers are interacting with their messages.

The simplicity of Sendlane's interface and the hefty cut in software costs have helped Doe Beauty level up every email campaign in its library and increase customer spending at the checkout.

The Results

Since Doe Beauty moved from Klaviyo to Sendlane to power its email marketing, it's been pulling some serious numbers:

  • Average Order Value at the checkout increased by 55.78% in the first 5 months
  • 23% average Increase in email revenue month over month
  • Monthly email marketing bill cut by 30%

And… despite being a poster store for Klaviyo, Wong says Doe Beauty is sticking with Sendlane for one simple reason: it's the total package.