Obvi Unifies Their Stack & Boosts Subscriber Value by 33% with Sendlane

Talking with Ronak Shah, Co-Founder & CEO

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Executive Summary

Obvi is an online supplements and vitamins retailer. The company was founded in 2019 by Ronak Shah, Ankit Patel and Ashvi Melwani, who have 18 years of experience in the health, wellness, and supplement industry.

The trio had one goal when Obvi launched: to disrupt the industry they knew so well and create innovative products for customers.

As an eCommerce-centric brand, Obvi’s revenue relies heavily on an email and SMS marketing machine that fires on all cylinders.

“Sendlane promised to guide us through every aspect of the migration process so we could move as quickly and efficiently as possible… and they delivered 100%. I think right there you kind of breathe your first sigh of relief. To be honest, migration was exactly what I heard it would be.”

Ronak Shah, Co-Founder & CEO


Obvi was using a stitched-together tech stack of Klaviyo (email) and Postscript (SMS) to manage their marketing operations across 200,000 customers, which wasn't hitting the mark.

Obvi uses a mix of post-purchase, abandoned cart, and winback automation funnels to drive sales. Shah explained these automations also have several custom sub-flows that help bring in smaller (but equally important) chunks of revenue.

"There are so many different flows that may only add a few thousand dollars to revenue, but when you add it all up, these flows become extremely significant and impactful."

When Obvi's team decided it wanted to switch up its email marketing infrastructure from Klaviyo to another platform, they were hesitant. Shah was worried about email deliverability dropping, migration taking forever and most importantly—revenue taking a hit.

Obvi had big questions: How will the migration happen? Will it be smooth? Is every flow going to get moved over? And who will make sure it all happens without any issues?

The answer was Sendlane.


Obvi's first onboarding call with Sendlane reassured them that the migration would go smoothly and there would be no negative impact on customers or deliverability.

Not only were they able to unify their stack, but Sendlane’s onboarding team helped Obvi level up their strategy by cleaning up their contact database, upgrading automation flows, adding fresh email content and creating new customer segments based on missing attributes.‍

"It was simple. If we built an email flow, it made sense to build it in SMS at the same time. Instead of this multi-platform tech stack, we got into the mindset that we needed this efficiency. Working and tweaking all our marketing flows under one roof in Sendlane just became "win, win, win, win, win."

The Results

Since switching from Klaviyo and Postscript to Sendlane, Obvi saw immediate revenue results:

  • Obvi increased their subscriber value by 32%
  • Email open rates have jumped by 18%
  • Click through rates are 8% higher
  • SMS results have also skyrocketed—its recent Black Friday send had a 12.95% click through rate and its highest-earning SMS campaign ever

The business has big plans to expand its marketing strategy inside Sendlane. They plan to build out and optimize current campaigns while leveraging SMS and email triggers to automatically drive more revenue. 💰