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Great features and data shouldn't require extra consultants or onboarding fees to setup

Some tools can take 30, 60, or 90 days just to get through "onboarding setup." And sadly, that also comes with a hefty price tag.

At Sendlane, we believe anyone should be able to get on the platform, setup, integrate, and start using the product within an hour. And if you get stuck for some reason, we're 30 seconds away in our live chat to help you out!

That's why we boast our NPS score directly on our website. It shows that our customers are genuinely enjoying the experience we provide.

Getting the advanced toolset you need for your business doesn't require advanced learning anymore; let us show you the Sendlane difference.

Simply easy

Easy doesn't mean it lacks the tools or features. It just means it's easier to understand and use. We measure this with an NPS score, and ours is world-class.
An average NPS score for a top tier Software like ours is 33. We're at 88. The worst score is -100, and the best is 100. We don't disappoint. So give us a spin; besides, it's risk-free.

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No hidden costs, consultants required, or onboarding fees

There's nothing worse than getting excited about using a platform only to jump in and feel overwhelmed. And, the moment you reach out to support, they want "extra fees" or recommend you to an agency partner of theirs to help you "use the tool."

At Sendlane, we don't require extra help or fees. We’re here to provide you with the service you need when you need it. 24/7.

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Truly robust features beyond newsletters and drip campaigns

We might be beating a dead horse here, but we want you to know. Our features go far beyond the basics, and we're excited to show you how to tap into them.

From hyper-targeted automation triggers to in-depth behavioral segmentation and even browser abandonment, we provide all the advanced and easy to use tools all in one platform.

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Great user interface, deliverability and customer support

Brian Hastreiter, Managing Member,
Third Element Marketing LLC