Increase revenue with email marketing

Email should be accounting for 30-40% of your revenue; we aim to help get you there.

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Increase revenue with email marketing

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Build revenue-generating email segments, so you get the right message to the right person — Every. Single. Time. 

Did you know that new customer acquisition costs 5x more than retaining repeat customers? That means your current customers should be a high priority.

And the customers who see relevant content at the most engaging moments are most likely to open, click, and ultimately make a purchase.
And that’s where we come in.

Teaming up your email marketing with Sendlane gets you access to ROI-focused features. We’ll track what pages your contacts and customers have visited, what products they’ve viewed, what’s added to their cart, and everything in between.

Plus, we’ll confidently show you which products drive the most revenue down to the penny.

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“As soon as we switched to Sendlane... revenue from email just keeps growing. One of the emails we sent generated $30k alone, other campaigns easily bring in $10k - $15k each time."

Dr. Charles Livingstone,  CEO Lifeboost Coffee

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Here's how Sendlane can drive more revenue for You!

Sit back and watch your loyal customer base drive revenue

Nothing motivates your customers to pull out their wallets and make a purchase like highly personalized messaging and product recommendations.

Let Sendlane do the heavy lifting for you with individually tailored post-purchase upsells, discounts, promotions, and more. Display personalized messaging at the most impactful moments and watch first-time customers make repeat purchases. 

Don't leave another dollar on the table; Recover potentially lost sales

Did you know that 45% of cart abandonment emails get opened and that 50% of those clicks turn into a purchase? 

Now, imagine turning your cart abandonment funnel into a multi-channel experience tailored to your customer. It’s not too good to be true! 

With Sendlane, you can give customers a dynamic shopping cart abandonment experience, which connects across your email, SMS, and social advertising to help you recover every sale on autopilot.

Turn one-time purchasers into repeat customers

Existing customers spend 31% more than new customers. In fact, increasing customer retention by just 5% can increase your profits from 25-95%.

But it’s going to take more than just sending out email blasts (cringe) to get the job done.

With Sendlane, you can finally communicate to your customer in real-time based on their website browsing behaviors, purchase behavior, and email engagement to provide personalized product recommendations.