Our Sendlane Family

The amazing peeps behind the pink envelope


Jimmy Kim
CEO and Co-Founder
Zak Meftah
Advisor and Co-Founder
Anik Singal
Advisor and Co-Founder


Cassi Knight
VP of People
Dean Valerio

Sales & Marketing

Caitlin Hutchinson
Brand Marketing Manager
Amir Torabi
Strategic Partner Manager
Kevin Abblitt
Account Executive


Sean Alvarez
Fraud and Compliance Specialist


Ryan Blomberg
Ray Bonander
Engineering Tech Lead
Jim Mickels
Senior Backend Engineer
Jonathan Walker
Senior Frontend Engineer
Jerrik Neri
Full Stack Engineer
Tanner Cox
Senior Backend Engineer
Vicente Tulliano
Senior Frontend Developer
Mayur Gondaliya
Delivery Specialist

Product Support

Kristen Dahlberg
Head of Product Support
Jordan Cook
Lead Product Support Specialist
Allen Trillana
Product Support Specialist
Stephanie Usher
Product Support Specialist

Account Management

Alex Everhart
Head of Account Management
Joel La Scala
Account Manager

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World-class 24/7 support

Our product experts provide an average 2 minute response time, accessible at your fingertips.

White-glove services

Our account management team will journey with you from onboarding, to digital strategy, to optimizing your delivery.

Seamless migration services

Choose a DIY option, automated syncing or a full-service concierge where we take care of the entire process.