Our Pop-up Builder Just Got a Makeover!

23 Mar

Sendlane has been hard at work delivering emails and, more recently, SMS in 2022, but we’re not done yet. We're proud to announce that we've given our Pop-ups a makeover!

Here are the updates we’ve made:

  1. We’ve brought dark mode to the forefront of our new design, following suit with our email builder and automation builder tools:
Note: Builder is subject to small changes
  1. SMS consent collection - Simply drag and drop the SMS Consent Phone Field into your pop-up design, publish, and start collecting SMS permission 
  2. Updated legal language - We will automatically append the most up-to-date legal language on your pop-ups, so you can create worry-free designs.

With Sendlane, you can capture SMS contacts a few different ways.

  1. Pop-up
  2. Inline
  3. Banner

Additional Benefits of Sendlane Popups:

  • No integrations or heavy tech lifting required to start collecting SMS
  • Free to use with our platform and can set up as many sign-up forms as you’d like
  • Leverage display rules such as Page Views, Display After Scrolling, Exit Intent, and Session to personalize the on-site experience for every shopper

Any questions? Reach out to our product support team today!