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Leverage the tools you need to turn customer data into hyper-personalized messages so good your sales team will wonder how you pulled it off

You have an incredible (and sometimes overwhelming) amount of data on leads and customers pouring in through your online store. 

But how do you use that data to boost your sales? It’s a nagging question. One that probably brought you to this page. When you know there are data-driven marketing strategies helping eCommerce brands become 6x more profitable year-over-year, it’s time to put that data to work for your brand.

Sendlane’s deep-data integrations collect 100+ vital customer data points to help you optimize every customer experience. We sort out the nitty-gritty of who, what, when, where, why, and how much. You get to see all of it in an easy-to-understand format. 

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“As soon as we switched to Sendlane... revenue from email just keeps growing. One of the emails we sent generated $30k alone, other campaigns easily bring in $10k - $15k each time."

Dr. Charles Livingstone,  CEO Lifeboost Coffee

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Here's how Sendlane makes your email marketing more data-driven!

Sendlane Dashboard

Access all your in-depth analytics in a simplified dashboard

Dashboards are not all made equal. And no one wants to be fumbling around a clunky and frustrating interface digging for the analytics you need.

Your custom Sendlane dashboard is designed for easy discovery — no clunky UI up in here!

From the basic metrics like open, click, and deliverability rates to dialing in on the actual performance and ROI of every email you sent or what products are selling best, we give you an easily digestible, birds-eye-view of everything you need to track and assess your email performance.

Make data-backed decisions based on real-time analytics

If you're going to keep pace with your audience, data is your friend. And real-time data is your BFF in marketing.

That's why we provide you with the real-time data metrics that are important for your growth so you can optimize your messaging, timing, and responsiveness.

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Get to know your audience
a lot better

Want to send highly personalized messages? Of course, you do! But first, you gotta know what your customers are up to and how they’re engaging with your emails.

That's easier said than done, but we aim to make that a whole lot easier.

Sendlane’s revenue, growth, and engagement reporting give you a peek inside your audience’s behavior to learn what they’ve opened, clicked, and purchased.

All to help you create content that speaks to their specific needs. Can we get a hallelujah?