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Track customer behavior and leverage real-time store data to send personalized communications that encourage repeat purchases

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Sync live data from your store to transform your customer’s behaviors into marketing automations designed to generate more revenue.

Your customers’ are averaging 145 emails in their inbox per day. That means it’s becoming harder and harder to get noticed.

So if you want them on the lookout for your emails (of course you do), then every interaction from that first email to their purchase and beyond should bend with their interests. 

"Deep-Data," means you’re not just skimming the surface; you’re leveraging 100+ points of data on each customer you bring in to design emails based on the products they like, pages they visit, and purchases they make.

Seamlessly connect with eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, MIVA, and ClickBank and better engage your shoppers across their purchase journey. 

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“As soon as we switched to Sendlane... revenue from email just keeps growing. One of the emails we sent generated $30k alone, other campaigns easily bring in $10k - $15k each time."

Dr. Charles Livingstone,  CEO Lifeboost Coffee

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Here's how Sendlane connects with your eCommerce store!


Put your detailed customer data to work for you

Your customers are telling you what they want. Through their clicks in your emails, the pages they visit on your website, how many times they come back to that one product page, and what they avoid. It’s all data.

We then help you transform that data into specific segments of contacts and customers to send the right content, to the right people, at the right time.

Boost sales and engagement with more personalized experiences

Personalized experiences start with knowing each customer. But let's face facts. You don’t have time to memorize every person who buys from you, what they purchased, how much they spent, etc.

Sendlane helps you better understand what your customers are up to and turn that valuable data into email marketing so personalized your contacts will think you created it just for them.

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Build high-converting sales funnels so good your competitors will wonder how you do it

The modern-day sales funnel has changed. Today, customer experience is everything. To build funnels that convert, your messaging needs to bend with the ebb and flow of your customers’ needs and interests. 

We collect your data, make it easy-to-understand in our dashboard, give you intelligent marketing automation, high email deliverability, and revenue-focused segmentation abilities so good that your competitors will try to figure out your secret.