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Better deliverability means more emails landing in inboxes, which increases your chances for higher open-rates and increased ROI

You’ve spent countless days and hours building up your email lists, contacts and planning every detail of every campaign you send. 

But there’s nothing more discouraging than finding out your email didn’t even make it to the majority of your customers. And if an email ends up in the junk folder, did it ever even really exist to begin with? For your customer, the answer is no.

Here at Sendlane, we’re deliverability experts. That means we never use a third-party platform or white-label service to manage our deliverability for us. Get one-to-one support and ensure every single email you send is optimized for deliverability and hits the inbox.

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“As soon as we switched to Sendlane... revenue from email just keeps growing. One of the emails we sent generated $30k alone, other campaigns easily bring in $10k - $15k each time."

Dr. Charles Livingstone,  CEO Lifeboost Coffee

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Here's how Sendlane improves email deliverability!

Warm up plan

Set your emails up for
inboxing success

When it comes to email marketing, we all want our emails to be opened, read, and clicked with the end goal of leading that contact towards a purchase.

But here’s the kicker, it’s not just about creating sleek, highly optimized emails… it’s about positioning your messages to reach the inbox, dodge those pesky spam filters and get in front of your customers.

Which is exactly why we pride ourselves on being the deliverability “know-it-alls.”

For our Pro users (5,000 contacts+), switching to Sendlane means instant access to your very own Account Manager. (A.K.A. your personal email deliverability extraordinaire) Our team will guide you through everything from developing a “warm-up plan” that builds and maintains a positive sender reputation to following best practices to maintain your deliverability and engagement.

Leverage top-notch deliverability that’s in our full control  — never outsourced

Ever heard of outsourced or “third party” deliverability? Yup, it’s a thing, and it affects your deliverability big time. 

By owning our infrastructure, we have full control over helping you keep your emails away from the spam folder and into the inbox. Plus, we set the terms of service.

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Boost engagement

Boost engagement and up your inboxing game with personalization

Marketers are always yapping about "personalization" and "tailored experiences.” As repetitive as that is, there's no getting around the truth of it. 

Sendlane’s behavior-based automation triggers email communications based on open times, links clicked, cart abandonment, web page visits, the list goes on. All this detailed tracking enables you to send content that aligns with each of your customers in real-time as they’re actively engaging with your emails and website.

And that ultimately keeps your revenue engine chug chugging along.