Sendlane Empowers eCommerce Merchants with “Smart Data”

13 Jan

Sendlane Empowers eCommerce Merchants with “Smart Data”

The marketing automation company gives eCommerce marketers access to real-time, behavior-based customer data, leading to more personalized messages, higher conversion rates and meaningful customer experiences

San Diego, California (January 13, 2022) Sendlane, a customer experience-focused email and SMS marketing automation solution for eCommerce brands, has extended the season of giving with the release of an API that gives marketers access to “smart data” about their customers. Smart data empowers any business with an eCommerce storefront to enable Smart Data to create personalized customer communications and highly tailored marketing campaigns at scale.

eCommerce marketers need to know as much about their customers’ product interests as quickly as possible. Timely access to information such as which products and offers are the most appealing can help marketers create messages and campaigns that increase customer engagement and drive sales. According to a study conducted by Sendlane in November, 39% of SMB eCommerce marketers said they want to send more personalized messages to customers in 2022. 

Sendlane’s new API gives marketers real-time access to over two dozen behavior-based data points. For example, marketers can create data-driven segments to build custom audiences and track insights. They can leverage custom triggers and data as if it were a platform like Shopify or BigCommerce to deliver customers even better experiences. Marketers can also view a customer’s purchase history, products viewed and abandoned, their list of subscriptions, and whether or not a customer consented to receive text messages. 

“The idea behind our smart data API is that marketers do their best work when they have access to the latest customer data in real time,” said Patrick Carmitchel, EVP of Product Management at Sendlane. “Expanding timely shopper data with Sendlane's powerful marketing automation tools will empower marketers to quickly respond and adjust to their customer's interests. We believe smart data will significantly increase conversion rates for Sendlane users in 2022.” 

The smart data API is an upgrade from Sendlane’s previous API. Current Sendlane customers can access the smart data API now. More information about Sendlane’s smart data API can be found here.

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