How to Make a Great First Impression That Drives More Sales

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First let’s get the easy stuff out of the way.

Signing up for Sendlane is quick and simple.

So is creating email lists and campaigns.

We’ve even made it easy for you to “next level” your marketing efforts based on your contacts’ actions with segmentation.

Done, done, and done.

Now for the hard part.

Even with all these affordable and convenient still have to figure out what to write.

If you’ve tried writing a welcome series in the past (or any kind of email to promote your products and services), then you understand the struggle to balance “here’s some really useful content” with “please buy my stuff.”

And in this post we have a solution for you.

We’re going to show you how to write one of the most important email workflows for your business: the welcome series for your new contacts.

We’ve got you covered if you fall into any of these situations:

  • You are brand-new to email marketing and have a list of zero
  • You have a list but you’ve never sent anything special to new contacts
  • You have a welcome series, but it isn’t converting into sales

You’ll discover a simple series of templates to create a powerful welcome series for your new contacts.

And you can start sending it today.

Let’s get started with the first email now.

Email Template 1. Deliver Value With Educational Content

Set the tone for a great relationship by helping your reader solve a small problem that is part of your overall solution. This quick win establishes you as someone worth paying attention to.

Want to make an even better first impression? Surprise your reader with something extra in addition to the lead magnet you used to entice them to subscribe.

In the first email of your welcome series workflow, you’re going to deliver your lead magnet with a bonus tip.

Use this template for your first email

Grab your welcome series templates here!

Schedule this email to send immediately after subscribing.

After all, you want to impress while you’re still top of mind!

Email Template 2. Promote Your Authority


You’ve given your new lead a quick win and gotten his or her attention. Now it’s time to position yourself as an authority on the subject in a way that inspires confidence.

You do not do this by being the hero of your own braggy braggart story. (Yuck.) That kind of writing puts all the focus on you and your successes when your contacts want all the focus on them and their problems.

Here's the better way...

Show your readers how you’ve helped people just like them solve their problems. This makes your clients the heroes and allows your readers to envision themselves having the same kinds of success!

Use this template for your second email

Grab your welcome series templates here!

Set this email to send one or two days after your first email.

You want to maintain the momentum of your series without overwhelming them.

Click here to discover how to add wait times to your workflows.

Email Template 3. Make Your Offer Known

Now that you’ve given your contacts a quick win and shown how you’ve helped someone similar solve an even bigger problem, it’s time to combat your biggest enemy: Inaction.

Let’s face it, you lose more business due to people deciding not to take action on their problem than you do to any other competitor on the planet.

It’s true for all of us.

And waiting weeks or months to make your first offer decreases your chances of earning new business.

So don’t go more than three emails without making a specific offer for a product or service.

(While we pride ourselves on offering a fantastic email marketing automation platform, we absolutely do not want you to join Sendlane to grow your business and then not actually use it to make relevant, useful offers to your list. Kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?)

Use this template for your third email

Grab your welcome series templates here!

Set this email to send one or two days after your second email, while your customer success story is still fresh in your readers mind.

Email Template 4. Repeat Your Offer (Use Retargeting to Land More Sales)

There are two ways to handle email four.

You can send it to everyone on your workflow, even those who didn’t open the email or click the link.

That’s totally acceptable.

Or you can use it to coax those who clicked on your link in email three to make a purchase. After all, they were interested enough to check out your offer!

Email retargeting is a powerful way to connect with almost-buyers and remind them of your solution. You set the timeframe to deliver this email after your contact has visited your website but did not complete an order.

Click here to learn the simple steps to retargeting with Sendlane!

Use this template for your fourth email OR for retargeting

Grab your welcome series templates here!

We recommend excluding this email from people who made a purchase after email three.

You can do that by adding a condition to your workflow to not send to anyone who has made a purchase since the previous email.

Click here to to find out how to use if/else actions for email workflows.

Email Template 5. Segment Your List for Better Long-Term Sales

In this final email of your welcome series, the goal is to learn more about your contact so you can better meet his or her needs in the future—and land more sales.

This process is called segmentation, and you can learn more about how to set it up here!

A full 70% of the ROI of email marketing comes from this laser-focused approach, and you can’t do it without learning more than just your contact’s name and email address.

The best way to get contact info is the direct way—you ask!

You can segment by one of these three methods to call out your ideal types of prospects:

  • Situation: What specific situation is your contact facing? (Example: Needs to lose weight for an upcoming event)
  • Stage: What stage in the process is your contact in? (Example: Already lost weight, but struggling to lose those last 10 pounds)
  • Role: What role do they have in work or life? (Example: Middle-aged executive who often has to entertain clients over lunch or dinner)

Use this template for the final email in your welcome series

Grab your welcome series templates here!

Send this email within a week of the previous email. To automatically track responses, use if/else actions to your welcome series workflow.

Create Your Welcome Series Workflow Today

The best time to make an offer is at peak interest—when a contact first decides you have something they want.

The longer you wait to send a welcome series with a relevant offer, the harder it will be to gain that first sale.

And the longer your list goes without seeing an offer from you, the more unsubscribes you’ll get when you finally send one.

So don’t delay! Login now and get your first welcome series written and published today. You have everything you need at your fingertips with these handy templates and the easy email workflow from Sendlane.

You’ll be glad you did—and so will the contacts who want and need you to help them solve their problems and reach their goals.

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