How to Make Your Next Launch a Massive Success (Phase 1 - The Warm-Up)

21 Dec
How to Make Your Next Launch a Massive Success (Phase 1 - The Warm-Up)

You’ve burned the midnight oil for months, and now you’re finally ready to launch your solution.

Whether it’s a product, service, course, or something else, it’s time to get it out into the world to help your customers AND generate some well-earned cash. But where do you start?

How do you get the word out? And how do you make your solution a success by honoring all the time and effort you’ve put into building it? If you’re short on time, you can do a Quick and Dirty Product Launch.

And if you have more time and resources, you’ll get the best results with a full-fledged, three-week funnel. This requires creating a lot of high quality, authority-building content, but it’s worth it if you want to keep scoring sales!In this post (the first in a four-part series), we’ll walk you through the email funnel that fruitful folks use to build anticipation in their audience. This first phase is really important for any marketer because it sets the stage for the rest of your launch.

Then, keep an eye out for our next three posts, which together with this one will show you how to craft the whole campaign, along with other content recommendations, best practices, and more!

You’ll want to customize all the guidance to your solution and your audience — and you’ll LOVE it as a strategic framework for success.

There are 18 emails in all (and two free events)... and you can grab a breakdown of the first five "warm-up" emails right here in this article. So, let's kick things off with our first message of the series:

1. The Content Email

A winning funnel begins with content.

To generate interest in your solution, you gotta start with dynamic, interesting, informative content that addresses a pain point that your prospects are wrestling with. For example, say you’re launching an amazing adjustable standing desk. Send your prospects an email with a link to a blog post about how to prevent back pain with ergonomics. In your post, embed a video you create that includes actionable tips for body posture... keyboard, mouse, and monitor setup... stretching... and how often to take breaks. Then, at the bottom of the blog post, add a call to action for people to sign up for a free event, where you’ll dive deeper into the topic of avoiding pain from sitting for long periods of time.  

When to send it: 17 days before Launch Day

Why this works so well

No matter what your solution is, helpful content shows your prospects that you’re a subject matter expert who has the know-how and the tools to help them solve their pain. You’ll build their trust, warm them up for your paid offering, and attract interest like a magnet.

Check out how Neil Patel drives his contacts to his content. In this case, their pain point is that they’re not succeeding with blogging… yet:

2. The Opt-In Email

Here’s where you expressly invite your prospects to your event.It could be a Facebook Live event, a live webinar, a recorded webinar or interview, or even an in-person event like a local Meetup. However you host your event, it should be at least 20 minutes long (or an hour is great!) — and it should continue to build interest in your solution, without being too salesy.

At this point, you’re still nurturing interest by giving away free content on how your customers can improve their lives.

For example, say you’re launching an all-natural, pressure-relieving latex mattress. Send your prospects an email with a subject line like “How to sleep your way to pain relief.” Inside the email, ask “Are you getting the most out of your mattress?”

Then press the pain points your prospects are struggling with, such as waking up with neck aches, feeling like a zombie after a bad night’s sleep, or disturbing their partner by tossing and turning all night. Share a practical tip or truly helpful insight, and then... Conclude your email with a statement like: I’m thrilled to invite you to discover how to put your pain to bed for good.

"This Thursday at Noon Pacific, you can join us for a free virtual event, Sleeping Your Way to a Pain-Free Life. Register now to save your spot!" In the P.S., mention something like: "Can’t make it to the live event? Have no fear! We’ll send you a downloadable recording that you can view any time. It’s easy to make sure you get this life-improving information no matter what. Just RSVP right here [add link] and you’ll automatically get the recording too."

When to send it: 15 days before Launch Day

Why this works so well

First, you’re using the classic PAS copywriting formula, which works like gangbusters. PAS stands for Problem/Agitate/Solve, or Pain/Agitate/Solution. You identify your prospects’ pain, salt that wound a little bit, and offer a solution: your free event.

Second, you’re using a clear, strong call to action to drive people to sign up. Be sure to echo that call to action in your P.S. too. Reinforce your CTA for an extra conversion path!

Notice how Thrive Themes pushes a couple pain points… then relieves the tension by inviting their contacts to a problem-solving webinar:

3. The Opt-In Reminder Email

This email is short and sweet, which makes it super easy to write. For example, if you’re launching a new line of cleaning supplies, all you have to do is say something like… "Hi [First Name], Quick reminder that our virtual event, How to Spring Clean Your Way to Happiness, is happening tomorrow! You can register for it for free right here [add link]. If you want to save time on cleaning AND infuse your home with harmony, you’ll love all the tips we’re excited to share with you. See you soon!"

When to send it: 14 days before Launch Day

Why this works so well

You may have heard that short emails perform best. While that’s not always true in all industries, for all audiences, or for all individual readers, one thing’s for sure: less very often IS more!

Using the word you is also an effective persuasion technique. Did you notice how that quick reminder above uses the word you, your, or you’re seven times? That’s because you is one of the most powerful words in the English language.

BuzzSumo does a great job of reminding their subscribers not to miss a helpful event:

4. The Morning Reminder Email

This is another quick one. All you need is a subject line like “Today’s 20-min tutorial: How to Spring Clean Your Way to Happiness.” In the body of your email, remind your contacts what time your event starts (and be sure to include the time zone). Then give ‘em access details, including the link to join your event. A couple quick details about what they’ll gain from attending will help you make double-sure they turn up (excited to take away lots of value)!

When to send it: 13 days before Launch Day

Why this works so well

This email is like a reminder from a friend who promised you something you forgot about, then texts you: “Hey, remember I said I’d buy you lunch at that new taco place today? Meet me at 12:30.” Then you spend all morning dreaming of carne asada and salsa verde..

Take a look at how Thrive Themes does effective morning reminders:

5. The 1-Hour Reminder Email

This email is totally optional, but it does bring in more people. Try a subject line like “In ONE HOUR! Use the link inside to join us for spring-cleaning awesomeness”. In the body of your email, give your contacts a quick last reminder about what time your event starts.

Then share the access details again, including the link to join your event. No need to remind your contacts why they should come to your event. They’ll remember that. They just need a final heads up about when and how.

When to send it: One hour before your event

Why this works so well

First, have you ever signed up for something you were excited about, and then forgotten about it… and then received a reminder in time? If so, you know that feeling of gratefulness. Your contacts will be relieved you saved them from missing your event. Also, coming a couple hours after the morning reminder, this email counts down the time a bit — and a little urgency can go a long way toward compelling your audience to take action. Joanna Wiebe of Copy Hackers uses a VERY straightforward format to remind her contacts to attend an event:

Your Free Event

So you’ve sent five friendly, helpful, anticipation-building emails. Now it’s time for what your contacts have been waiting for: your free event. Remember that however you choose to host it, it should be at least 20 minutes long. Make it fun, informative, and inspiring. Use it as a platform to show people not only that you can help, but how you can help. Solve a problem! For example, say you’re launching a line of therapeutic-grade essential oils. In a Facebook Live event on using essential oils, show viewers how to make a muscle rub with peppermint oil to relieve headaches. Give your prospects practical takeaways (such as recipes!) that they can use easily. As you show them how to improve their lives, you’ll be top of mind when they’re ready to go to the next level. Speaking of which, the last few minutes of your event is the time to introduce your solution. Pitch just a glimpse of what they can expect from your product or service. Share the URL of your sales page — and tell your viewers that you’ll give them all the details in your next email.  

When to host it: 13 days before Launch Day

Why this works so well

Your free event positions you as an authority on your topic in a way that inspires trust.

And it shows your viewers how you can help them solve their problems. Plus, when you give ‘em just a peek into the solution you’re about to launch, you create an open loop. (An open loop is a teaser that stirs anticipation, which people can’t wait to satisfy.)

That’s why if you share a link to your sales page (and your free event was truly awesome), people will head straight to that URL to find out more. And, telling viewers that you’ll give them all the details in your next email makes them even more excited not only to receive your next email, but also to go straight to that sales page. (And even if they don’t, they’ll find that next email they’re waiting for irresistible…)


Start Creating Your Winning Launch Today

Ready to set up these first five emails now? Our Email Editor makes it super easy to craft each one. So let Sendlane help! Take our easy-to-use email marketing platform on a FREE test drive.

Then, stay tuned for the rest of the series as it's released over the coming weeks.All four posts will give you more than just a ton of helpful info on how to send emails. They’ll arm you with a comprehensive launch strategy, with other content recommendations throughout.

Join us next, in Part 2 of 4, we’ll show you how to write that next email… and move your contacts from the top of your funnel to the middle, where they’ll ITCH to buy your solution.

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