Sendlane + Justuno: Drive More Conversions with Custom Opt-Ins

6 Jan
Sendlane + Justuno: Drive More Conversions with Custom Opt-Ins

Getting people to visit your website is one thing.

But getting them to like what they see enough to sign up or make a purchase — that’s a whole different story!

According to the latest research, the average conversion rate for eCommerce websites is still somewhere between 1-3%.

Imagine the potential revenue you’re missing out on if you’re not grabbing the attention of more than 95% of your website visitors!

This is exactly where a tool like Justuno can help you out.

In this post, we’ll show you what Justuno is, how it can help you optimize conversions and how you can use it with Sendlane to start building your email and SMS lists quicker. 

Let’s dive right in!

What is Justuno?

Justuno is a powerful conversion rate optimization (CRO) platform that uses real-time user data to boost onsite conversion rates, build subscriber lists faster and improve customer experience on your eCommerce store!

With Justuno, you can create high-converting lead capture pop-ups, promotional overlays to tie into your offsite marketing campaigns, exit pop-ups, and signup forms and bars to engage your website traffic.

The platform uses AI and machine learning to gather in-depth information on each visitor, which can be used to set up advanced targeting rules triggering personalized onsite product recommendations!

How to optimize conversions with Sendlane + Justuno

Justuno is packed with tons of features to help you optimize and convert website traffic — from intelligent, custom opt-ins to personalized onsite messages to abandoned cart recovery.

But there’s another cool feature you need to know about — you can now integrate Justuno with your Sendlane account!

By combining Justuno’s unmatched ability to capture traffic with Sendlane’s industry-leading deliverability rates, you’ve got yourself a powerful eCommerce conversion machine!

Here are four ways you can use the Sendlane + Justuno integration to generate more leads and revenue for your online store.

1. Create custom opt-ins to drive more conversions

Justuno lets you create effective opt-in forms and show them to the right visitor with the right message at the right time!

But these aren’t just simple pop-ups that you can find anywhere else (although you can make those too.) With Justuno, you can begin growing email and SMS lists with a two-step capture. 

You can use this method and Justuno’s multi-screen promotion capabilities to easily ask for some information on the first step in a form and additional information on the next step.

If your brand is running paid social traffic to your site, you might benefit from using Justuno to build interactive elements like gamification to convert that traffic coming from social! (They tend to love gamified offers.)

For example, here are 4 types of games you can create in Justuno to collect emails and/or phone numbers — all customizable to fit your needs.

  • Spin-to-Win
  • Slot Machine
  • Scratch-Offs
  • Mystery Prize 

When you gamify the sign-up process for your visitors, you’re able to capture more data by encouraging engagement!

And with the Sendlane + Justuno integration, this data is automatically synced with your Sendlane account, enabling you to analyze it and create more advanced segments for your email marketing.

This takes us to the next point!

2. Use advanced segmentation to send targeted emails

Another great feature of the Sendlane + Justuno integration is that you’re able to collect tons of insightful data on your website visitors.

Learn more about their behavior and attributes, and use this data to create more advanced segments inside your Sendlane account!

The more targeted your segments are, the more impactful your emails will be.

For example, if you want to find your audience of repeat buyers, you can create a segment based on a number of orders! To get more granular, you can drill the audience down by products purchased or interests.

Using Sendlane’s multivariable segments, you can create highly targeted segments based on multiple data points collected via Justuno, your eCommerce store or any other source.

*Pro tip: You can also use Justuno to retarget subscribers clicking through these automations to personalize their onsite experience further. What messaging is your automation promoting? Mirror that onsite with Justuno by leveraging their advanced UTM parameter targeting.

3. Suppress opt-ins for existing subscribers

If you don’t want to show pop-ups to specific subscribers or visitors who have already signed up to your email list, you can suppress these contacts easily within Justuno.

This allows you to personalize the customer experience even further and reduce the chances of annoying or alienating existing, engaged contacts.

If you don’t want to suppress them, you can also show them different messages by customizing the pop-ups and messages they see at various touchpoints!

For instance, you can show a personalized pop-up to contacts coming to your website from a specific email campaign.

4. Manage multi-store email marketing in one place

Are you juggling multiple eCommerce stores? No worries!

The Sendlane + Justuno integration can help you streamline your email marketing by letting you collect, manage and analyze data from all your stores in one, single Sendlane account!

That’s right. All you need to do is integrate Justuno into each of your stores, and then manage all your email databases from your Sendlane account.

Drive more conversions and optimize customer experiences with Sendlane + Justuno

Converting website visitors is just the start.

By using Sendlane and Justuno together, you can not only capture more traffic, but also nurture those leads into loyal, high-value customers with powerful and targeted email marketing!

Get started with Justuno to boost your customers’ in-store experiences, and sign up for Sendlane’s 14-day free trial if you haven’t done so already!

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