Top 12 BigCommerce Apps That Increase Store Traffic

4 May
Top 12 BigCommerce Apps That Increase Store Traffic

60,000 vendors rely on BigCommerce to run their digital storefronts—it can handle everything from online payments to order fulfilments and inventory management. Vendors also have access to BigCommerce's marketplace, which houses nearly 1,000 apps that can integrate into an online store to improve customer service, order handling and analytics. 

So, which apps should you add to your BigCommerce tech stack to give customers an unforgettable experience with your store? ​​🤔

Here are our top 8 picks 👇

1. LiveChat

Giving visitors a channel to talk to you in real-time is a great way to convert them into paying customers. 

The LiveChat app does just that. The widget can be easily integrated into any BigCommerce store and allows vendors to chat with customers, send information, and answer questions about products. It may seem like a simple way to win business, but using a live chat app can pay off—customers who have live chat conversations with a business are 2.8x more likely to buy a product from them. 

Best Live Chat benefits: 

✅ Live Chat tracks a customer's order history so you can easily send them product and shipment updates 

✅ Built-in chat greetings help you welcome every visitor to your store and give them a great first impression—think of them as a (digital) way of acknowledging them when they walk into your shop!

✅ It integrates with existing email and social media channels to bring your customer support efforts under one roof

⭐ Live Chat standout feature: Cart content preview 

With Live Chat's cart content preview, any customer service agent can see what visitors have in their cart when chatting to them. This helps them understand the customer's buying interests and can add context to a conversation to get questions answered quickly. 


Free 14-day trial. Then, it'll cost you $16/month. 

2. Sendlane

The last integration on our list is our very own tool, Sendlane. 

Sendlane's Deep-Data BigCommerce Integration allows merchants to add new products, update pricing and remove data silos in one place. And thanks to the recent launch of BigCommerce's multi-storefront connection, vendors can now link multiple shopfronts and manage their operations under one roof. It's perfect for merchants with multiple storefronts, as products can be linked across sites to boost cross-sells and upsells to bring in more revenue. 

With Sendlane's automated funnels, you won't need to invest in another marketing tool to get customers to your site. Create hyper-personalized messages inside Sendlane and then build automated funnels to reach out to customers based on past orders, purchases and inventory levels to entice them back to your checkout. 

Best Sendlane benefits: 

✅ Integrate Sendlane into your existing BigCommerce store with a single click

✅ Unlike other ESPs, you can add multiple BigCommerce stores to a Sendlane account at no extra cost and manage operations under one roof 

✅ Track store revenue with advanced analytics, including list growth, customer lifetime value, average order spend and overall revenue

⭐ Sendlane standout feature: Multi-store management

Connect all of your online eCommerce stores and manage them in one place with Sendlane's multi-store capabilities. Track data and customer shopping behavior to see which stores perform well and which products are the most popular. Using Sendlane's API, you can track data based on products, geo-targeted regions and customized segments and give your marketing team hundreds of data points to work with to maximize every campaign. 


You can take Sendlane for a free test drive for 14 days—sign up here.


3. Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange gathers data beyond simple metrics for vendors who want to know more about their customers. 

This advanced analytics tool tracks visitors using dynamic heatmaps and session recordings so you can see what parts of your site are engaging viewers and what products they're browsing. The tool gives vendors a detailed breakdown of where visitors have clicked and scrolled, what pages they're skipping and how effective your calls-to-action are. 

Best Lucky Orange benefits: 

✅ Heat mapping allows you to see what parts of your page people are spending time on

✅ Live chat helps you reach out to customers in real-time and encourage them to the checkout instead of abandoning their carts

✅ Send out surveys to visitors and get an accurate idea of how engaging your site is

⭐ Lucky Orange standout feature: Recorded user journeys

Lucky Orange records entire customer visits to your site to see what pages they're visiting and what journey they took. Seeing their on-page linear behavior from beginning to end is the closest you'll get to looking over their shoulder while they're shopping!


Free 7-day trial. Then, it'll cost you $10/month. 

4. Google Shopping 

Google Shopping Personal Dashboard

Key features:

Google Shopping is a Google service allowing users to search for products and have them all grouped together under one tab for comparison. 

The results users see is ranked on relevance, including the search terms that the user has imputed previously. In some cases, there will be sponsored options, which have been paid by the brand in question to advertise in a featured spot on the page.

⭐ Best Google Shopping benefits:

Better ROI for your advertising budget and needs.

✅ Leads are more qualified and more likely to buy as a result.

✅ Easy enough to set up and simple management involved.

⭐ Google Shopping stand-out feature: Google Shopping Ads

To help stay ahead of the competition and get your products seen easily, Google Shopping allows advertising on this platform so that even as a smaller business, a company’s products can take the spotlight for a pay-per-click fee.


Free listings are available for all businesses. For any Google Shopping Ads, you only pay when users click on it.

5. Gorgias 

Want a customer support tool that is more than a customer support tool? Check out Gorgias. 

Over 20,000 customer support agents use Gorgias every day to manage conversations across email, social and live chat. Vendors can link multiple shopfronts and store customer conversations in one place. It even creates automated responses to frequently asked questions around orders and shipping to save you time. 

To help customer support agents stay on top of tickets, Gorgias has pre-made templates you can fill in so they can respond to questions with one click. Thanks to BigCommerce variables, these templates can be customized to include the visitor's name or items in their cart to improve their shopping experience. 

Best Gorgias benefits: 

✅ Centralized ticketing system combines communication from all your channels, including email, phone and website chats

✅ Link your social media channels and quickly respond to comments and complaints across Instagram, Messenger, Facebook and Twitter

✅ Inbuilt macros and templates make it simple for your agents to answer common questions—answer a request once, and Gorgias will save your response and reuse it automatically

⭐ Gorgias standout feature: Intent and sentiment detection

Gorgias uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to recognize customer intent and sentiment in every conversation. The more you interact with customers, the smarter Gorgias gets. From the conversations, you'll be able to create automated replies to everything from shipping updates to refund policies.


Free 7-day trial. Then, it'll cost you $50/month. 

6. Recharge

If you're selling subscriptions but need a better way to manage payments and onboarding—check out Recharge.

This BigCommerce app allows online stores to launch and manage subscription offers under one roof. Once the app is integrated into your store, you can set up a subscription package and start collecting payments through processors like Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

The big draw for brands looking to integrate Recharge is the app's self-service portal. Customers can manage their subscriptions inside a password-protected page—they can change order frequency (e.g., from weekly to monthly), edit their shipping address, or update their payment method without reaching out to customer service. 

Best Recharge benefits: 

✅ Recharge automatically notifies customers when a subscription has been shipped and when they should expect their delivery to help build trust and loyalty with your brand

✅ The app tracks customer spending, and if a payment fails to go through, Recharge will automatically retry it, so you don't miss out on revenue

✅ It integrates with other popular BigCommerce apps like Shogun and Avalara 

⭐ Recharge standout feature: Grow AOV through upsells

Recharge automatically creates product combinations and upsell suggestions to increase their overall spend. If a customer signs up for a subscription product, Recharge can recommend a similar one-off purchase (e.g., a protein powder subscription with a discounted shaker) to boost their overall spend.


There's no set cost, but your store will be charged 1% + 10¢ for every transaction. 

7. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Business Lego

Key features

As one of the most important messaging services on the internet right now, Facebook Messenger is a great opportunity for businesses to sell products or/and services.

Every month businesses send nearly 20 billion messages to people through this platform, so it’s certainly worth utilzing as a selling platform. You’ve got the ability to personalize chat themes, send sticks and make it less of a formal interaction than most.

For your business page on Facebook, you can simply add a ‘Send Message’ button to start interacting with customers as the business itself. Facebook Messenger also enables automated messages, something that’s useful when needing automation ideas for BigCommerce brands.

Best Facebook Messenger benefits

Provide quality customer service in an informal fashion.

✅ Help nuture leads into high-quality, loyal customers.

✅ Discuss more sensitive topics in private.

⭐ Facebook Messenger stand out feature: It’s free to use

For many businesses who are limited in their funds for marketing and business operation in general, it’s handy to have something for free.


The great benefit of Facebook Messenger is that it’s free to use, even as a business.

8. Justuno

Justuno is a conversion marketing and analytics platform that makes it easier for vendors to turn visitors into paying customers. 

Vendors can grow subscriber lists and boost their marketing efforts thanks to features like exit popups and email captures. As Justuno collects visitor data with every sign-up, it's easy to send out personalized emails and target messages based on their buying history or shopping behaviors. 

A cool bonus is the design features included—a drag-and-drop editor makes it possible to customize a template in seconds so it'll fit right into any existing page on your website. 

Best Justuno benefits: 

✅ Advanced segmentation features collect, store and analyze customer data based on behaviors, page views, order history and cart value

✅ Win back visitors who have abandoned their carts with automated reminders 

✅ Expand your marketing campaigns to SMS: Justuno collects mobile numbers so you can send out offers and product updates over text!

⭐ Justuno standout feature: Commerce Artificial Intelligence

Justuno combines multiple base algorithms to automate product recommendations on your website. Once a visitor is window shopping on your site, Justuno uses artificial intelligence to recommend best-selling products, cross-sells and upsells based on the items they've been browsing. 


Free agency trial. After that, prices start at $29/month.

9. Rally

Friction at the checkout can discourage visitors from purchasing—Rally changes that. 

The app integrates with any BigCommerce store and allows customers to pay for their orders with one click. The app is more than just an add-on to your existing checkout setup as it replaces it completely. Customers complete their order using the integration's popup, and if they become return customers, the app remembers their details so they can make future purchases with a single click.  

Best Rally benefits: 

✅ Replaces existing clunky checkouts with a clean popup that integrates with all major payment processors

✅ Fully optimized for mobile devices so customers can make purchases from anywhere

✅ Pick and choose what payment processors and integrations you want to use with the app and get complete control over your checkout experience

⭐ Rally standout feature: Cryptocurrency payments

Customers can pay using cryptocurrency at the checkout. All they have to do is connect their wallets, and Rally will pay you out for their order in fiat.


It depends—contact Rally for a demo and price here. 

10. Feedonomics

For stores selling physical merch, inventory management is a must. 

Feedonomics integrates with BigCommerce stores and empowers vendors to manage their stock accurately. 

By integrating with online marketplaces like Target+, Instagram, Facebook and Amazon, merchants can list products in minutes and automatically manage listings using the advanced backend platform. Here, sellers can optimize their catalog, change prices and write product descriptions without jumping from platform to platform. 

Best Feedonomics benefits: 

✅ List hundreds of different products across multiple platforms

✅ Stay on top of data feed errors and fix them quickly inside the Feedonomics dashboard

✅ Access to 24/7 live support if you sign up for Feedonomics' fully-managed service

⭐ Feedonomics standout feature: Amazon error resolution 

Feedonomics catches common errors with Amazon product listings like mismatched brands, sizes, colors and SKUs. Using the Amazon error resolution feature, you'll quickly notice mistakes in your inventory database and avoid losing any revenue. 


It depends on what you need—contact Feedonomics here for a quote. 

11. Shogun Page Builder

Shogun Page Builder

Key features

Shogun is a drag and drop page builder that is integrated with BigCommerce for ease of use when selling online.

Features include a page builder for your online store which can be customized as suited to your brand needs and wants.

Create landing pages, product pages and more through an easy-to-use builder, regardless of experience.

Monitor and assess the performance of your pages through it’s analytics and marketing features. 

A great addition to help keep on top of selling performance and to improve upon BigCommerce store conversion rate.

Best Shogun Page Builder benefits

✅ Customizeable design elements for tailored pages.

✅ A range of marketing features to combine everything in one place.

✅ Mobile-responsive.

⭐ Shogun’s standout feature: Stunning, user-friendly page editor

The major selling point of Shogun’s drag and drop builder is it’s user-friendliness, making it ideal for businesses from all walks of life. It’s visually beautiful, making it a wonderful application to navigate and use.


There are a variety of pricing options to choose from to suit all business budgets. For all the basics, they have a free package, with premium options ranging from $39-$499 per month.

Picking the right BigCommerce apps can help set your store apart

With over 1,000 different apps to choose from, BigCommerce vendors can supercharge their stores with marketing funnels, more efficient checkouts and automated payment processing. Choosing the right apps will leave customers with a good impression of your store—a streamlined subscription portal or one-click checkout gives them a positive buying experience and turns them into repeat customers. 

The big question is—what apps are you missing from your BigCommerce tech stack in order to stand out from the competition? 

If you're ready to supercharge your BigCommerce marketing in 2022, install our app for a free 60-day trial and put our integration to the test!

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