7 New Product Announcement Email Examples & Templates

21 Nov
7 New Product Announcement Email Examples & Templates

It’s easy to get so caught up in designing and developing a new product that you forget to plan for the most critical step in your product launch—marketing.

The geniuses at Harvard Business review agree. Their research says 80% of new products fail for this exact reason.

But here’s the good news. Your products won’t dissipate into oblivion because you’re here reading all about how to create product announcement emails that will blow your target audience away.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to write a new product launch email
  • New product launch announcement examples
  • How to introduce a new product to customers through email
  • Product launch email subject line ideas

How to write an announcement email?

1. Start introducing the announcement

Your new product is your baby. You’ve put your sweat and tears into bringing something to the world, and you have an emotional connection to your product.

To generate interest in your announcement, you gotta start with dynamic, interesting, informative content that addresses a pain point that your prospects are wrestling with

2. Show why your announcement is exciting for them

While you care about your product immensely, the bum out news is your customers don’t care. Well, they don’t care unless you give them a reason to care. Consumers are inherently selfish and if you want to pique their interest, you have to make your product launch all about them. 

In other words, when announcing a new product, feature, promotion, product review, sales event, webinars, app, or website, you have to speak to their pain points.

3. Include a strong CTA 

Once you’ve hooked them in by telling them how you solve their problems, invite them to buy by including a strong call to action.

Let’s look at some excellent new product launch announcement emails and quickly review what makes them good. In each example, let’s look at:

  • What is going on in the email
  • Why the email makes consumers care
  • What the call to action is

7 new product launch announcement email examples & templates

As a quick review, a product launch email is an email you send to subscribers announcing a new product, feature, promotion, sales event, webinars, app, or website. 

Let’s take a closer look at how you write a new product launch email and review some outstanding product launch announcement email examples.


1. New product launch email example

If there is one brand that consistently gets email marketing right, it’s Apple. 

Apple’s marketing hype is so good that their product development team consistently kills their own “older” products in the name of hyping up consumers for essentially the same products. Only slightly newer.

Here’s an example to show you what I mean.

What’s going on in the email? 

Apple’s email is the perfect example of what a company should emulate when announcing a new product. 

With the use of an excellent headline, beautiful product photography, and descriptive copy, Apple enthusiasts get excited about what is to come. 

Why should people care?

I’m an Apple-lover and consistently ask myself why I always need the latest and greatest $400-$2500+ Apple product.

The reason? Apple writes good emails and knows how to appeal to my inner tech-nerd and the strong desire for the latest and greatest.

The headline of this email plays into my deepest consumer interest—to improve my life with the newest Apple technology.

Sheesh. I fall for it every time.

What is the call to action?

This email doesn’t have only one call to action. It has 11. Eleven opportunities to learn more, buy, shop, order, or download. Brilliant.

2. Upcoming events announcement email

If you’re throwing an event, you want people to show up. Email marketing—especially if you have a large email list—is an outstanding way to spread the word.

Check out this countdown email example from Segment, recently acquired by Twilio.

What’s going on in the email?

There’s a lot more going on in this email than an event announcement. These email creators are using “last chance psychology” to encourage subscribers to sign up for the event. 

It also doesn’t hurt that the email offers a free ticket with the use of a discount code.

Why should people care?

Ohhhh....I love this part of the email. It would be so boring if the email copywriter simply sent a quick reminder or an outlined event agenda, right?

Instead, the writer draws readers in by building excitement and announcing an added speaker.

What is the call to action?

It’s direct: register now!

3. Sales promotion announcement email

Are you ramping up to blow your quarterly sales goal out of the water by running a promotion? If so, you’re going to want to spread the word via email.

Here’s how Tinker preps its audience for Black Friday.

What’s going on in the email?

This email is particularly impressive because it combines the launch date of a new product with the biggest sales day of the year—Black Friday.

Why should people care?

It’s limited. It’s secretive. And that makes us all want in.

What is the call to action?

The call to action here could use some work in terms of design, but the email copy is outstanding. It’s clear Tinker wants your first Black Friday action to be visiting its website.

4. Pre-order or limited edition email announcement example

As a consumer and a marketer, I am always here for a good pre-order email. Pre-order emails are an excellent way to alert customers to new products ahead of time, guide consumers through the buying process, and to help forecast sales.

Here’s an example of a new product announcement email for pre-order to emulate from reMarkable.

What’s going on in the email?

With one glance, you know version two of reMarkable is coming. Not to mention, the pre-order is 100% risk-free.

Why should people care?

Because if you don’t order now, you could miss out on August delivery. FOMO is one of the best sales and marketing tactics around.

What’s the call to action?

You know reMarkable wants you to “Pre-order now” because they tell you to and outline the words in a big orange CTA button.

5. Mobile app official launch announcement email 

M-commerce is taking the digital shopping world by storm. Consumers love to shop, browse, and play via mobile apps. 

If you are launching a mobile app or an update to your mobile, make it known to your subscribers just like Mint does in this example.

What's going on in the email?

Mint is launching the latest version of its mobile app. The version is more intuitive, better looking, and has additional features, according to the eye-catching email.

Why should people care?

Mint makes it clear it’s easier now that ever before to take care of one of life’s most pressing worries—money management.

What is the call to action?

This email includes a buttoned call to action, “Get the new mint,” a couple of times in the email. This tactic is an email marketing and mobile-friendly best practice, as it makes it possible for mobile device users to take action without scrolling. Smart.

6. New website or app launch

Customers are all about an improved user experience. If you’re introducing a new website or app, let your customers know.

Let’s look at the HTML email Disney used when they launched Disney+.

What’s going on in the email?

Disney-lovers waited for what seemed like forever for access to Disney+. This nice email design announcing the new live app was a joy to receive.

Why should people care?

Disney’s brand is big enough that they don’t need to dig too deep into pain points. They have enough fans to use excitement as a selling point.

What is the call to action?

“Sign up today” is a common CTA. It’s also effective.

7. New eCommerce store opening and beta versions of apps

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that it's never too late to innovate—either out of desire or necessity.

Due to the pandemic, many companies were forced to move from wholesaling to a DTC model, resulting in new eCommerce stores. Others were forced to find new ways to connect with consumers and started beta testing new apps

Here’s an example of an announcement email template from Jet.

What’s going on in the email?

In an effort to better connect with customers, Jet sent out an email and used the header to ask consumers to beta test its new app.

Why should people care?

Did I hear “free six month membership” there?

What is the call to action?

The call to action is straightforward and delightful: Become a Jet Beta tester.

Bottom line: All of the examples above are perfect examples that you can use as an email template when creating your product launch email campaigns.

How to introduce a new product to customers through email

Now that you’ve seen examples of excellent product launch email sequence, you may be wondering what’s the best way to introduce a new product to customers through email.

The answer?

Set up a drip email or an automated email workflow with your eCommerce email automation software

There are several ways to set up an automated workflow, and the emails you end up including in your workflow will depend on your company. However, here is an idea of what a product launch email sequence might include:

  • Email 1: Product Teaser 5-7 days before launch
  • Email 2: Product Announcement 2-3 days before launch
  • Email 3: Product Launch day of 
  • Email 4: Follow-up 2-3 days after launch

Here’s how the sequence could look inside Sendlane.


Start your first product announcement workflow with Sendlane!

Your product line is what drives sales. It makes sense why you put so much time and energy into development. But it's also critical to remember that marketing your products is as important as creating them.

Email marketing still remains the top digital marketing strategy, even more than social media marketing, and experiences the highest returns on investment. 

If you’re ready to launch your new product, the time is now to set up your first product release email workflow via Sendlane. Sign up now for a 60-day free trial so you can create a product announcement email!

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