5 Ways to Optimize Your CX w/ Deep-Data for BigCommerce

26 May
5 Ways to Optimize Your CX w/ Deep-Data for BigCommerce

Running an online store can be challenging, especially when working with multiple apps and platforms to process orders, launch marketing campaigns, analyze data, and more.

With Sendlane’s deep-data integration with BigCommerce, you can automate most of these tasks, all from one single platform. For you, this means you get to focus on what matters the most — growing your eCommerce store!

Who this guide is for:

BigCommerce retailers looking to leverage customer data to increase sales and ROI.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to connect your BigCommerce store with Sendlane
  • How to track deep data to send more targeted emails
  • How to use dynamic content blocks to create personalized emails

Let’s get started!

How to connect your BigCommerce store with Sendlane

Before we get into the specifics of using the BigCommerce x Sendlane integration to drive more revenue for your store, let’s walk you through the steps of setting it up!

Connect your BigCommerce store with Sendlane:

  1. Once you’ve set up your BigCommerce store, go to the BigCommerce app marketplace and search for the Sendlane app. Then, click on Get This App → login.
  2. You’ll be redirected to your BigCommerce account; click Install → Confirm. Then, log in to your existing Sendlane account or create a new one!
  3. Set up a Sender Profile for your BigCommerce integration; click Next to complete installation.
  4. Click Launch to go to your Sendlane dashboard.

For a more detailed tutorial with screenshots and additional configuration settings, check out our guide to integrating BigCommerce and Sendlane.


5 Ways to leverage Sendlane’s Deep-Data integration with BigCommerce

Now that you’ve successfully set up your integration let’s find out how you can leverage it to improve customer experiences in your store and boost revenue!

1. Boost your email campaigns with SMS marketing

With Sendlane, you can double down on your email marketing strategy by combining it with SMS marketing. This can ultimately help you boost engagement and conversions!

For example, you can send special discounts via SMS to entice purchases or send text reminders for certain emails to encourage more opens and clicks!

But for this to work, you need to ensure you have permission from your contacts. Luckily, the BigCommerce x Sendlane integration lets you obtain customer SMS consent and feed only those leads into Sendlane.

How to collect SMS consent with BigCommerce

Here’s how to obtain SMS content through the Sendlane x BigCommerce integration:

1. Log in to your BigCommerce account and head over to Advanced Settings.

2. From the menu on your left, click on Account Sign Up Form. Select Create a New Field and choose Checkboxes from the drop-down menu.

3. Complete the Create a Checkboxes field with the following information:

  • Field Name: SMS Consent
  • List of Values: Subscribe to marketing texts
  • Required: Leave unchecked (SMS consent cannot be required)
  • CSS Class: Name Leave blank
  • Inline-CSS Style: Leave blank

4. Hit Save! Users will now see a checkbox for SMS consent on the BigCommerce opt-in form.

The integration will feed these leads into your Sendlane account, and you can choose to send texts exclusively to these contacts who have opted in to receive SMS!

2. Create more targeted segments based on multiple variables

Integrating Sendlane and BigCommerce gives you access to in-depth data about your buyers that’s pulled directly from your store.

This allows you to get granular and create highly targeted multivariable segments!

And the more targeted your segments are, the more relevant your emails would be — making them more likely to be opened and clicked on!

For example, you can create a segment of engaged customers who:

  • Have purchased in the last 30 days
  • Have clicked any recent campaign or automation in the last 30 days
  • Have a CLTV of $250+

Setting this up in Sendlane would be easy, and it could look something like this:

Creating a segment like this would allow you to reach customers with just the right type of messaging!

In this case, you know these people are engaged with your brand and are likely to buy your products again.

You could encourage them to buy again by showing them personalized product recommendations, sending them discounts and more.

How to leverage multivariable segments to boost revenue and engagement

  • Recommend products based on past purchases. Show customers who have bought specific items from you in the past other similar products in your store to encourage repeat purchases. You can also show products that complement the ones they bought or remind them to restock frequently used products.
  • Re-engage inactive subscribers. Identify subscribers who haven’t engaged with your brand or emails in a while, and reach out to them with tailored messaging that encourages them to re-engage. For example, you could send them a discount on their next purchase or offer free shipping!
  • Reward high LTV customers for their loyalty. Got some customers that just keep generating valuable revenue for your store? Reward them by offering exclusive discounts or adding them to a loyalty program. Loyal customers can be an asset to your brand — if they’re happy, they would love to make repeat purchases and recommend you to their friends and family!


4. Create dynamic abandoned cart emails to recover lost sales

The Sendlane x BigCommerce integration also lets you add dynamic abandoned cart blocks to your emails. These smart blocks will automatically import product data from your store and personalize the email content to each recipient!

For example, let’s say you sell beauty products online. Customer A left a moisturizer in their cart while Customer B left an eyelash curler.

By adding the dynamic abandoned cart block to your email and tweaking its settings, you can use one email for both customers. And each customer would see the product they abandoned in the email they receive!

Using this block can help you send more personalized and targeted abandoned cart emails — without doing any of the hard work involved in customizing each email manually. The result? Your emails will be more effective, and you will save hours of your time!

How to create dynamic abandoned cart emails in Sendlane

1. When creating an email in Sendlane, click on Content in the top-left corner.

2. From under Integrations on the left, drag and drop the Abandoned Cart block onto your email. You can also double-click on it to add it.

This block will automatically pull abandoned cart details from your BigCommerce store visitors, such as product names, photos and pricing info!

3. To squeeze the most juice out of this block, create an abandoned cart automation funnel in Sendlane.

This will automatically send your dynamic abandoned cart email to every shopper who leaves stuff in their cart on your BigCommerce store!

5. Directly import products into your emails using the product picker

Finally, the integration also lets you add the product picker block to your emails. Similar to the dynamic abandoned cart block, this block also imports product data directly from your BigCommerce store!

The difference is that the product picker block is designed specifically for product recommendation emails and other product-focused marketing messages.

Instead of manually downloading product images, names, prices and other data from your store and then uploading them into Sendlane, you can simply enter the product code and let the product picker do the work for you!

How to import your store products into your Sendlane emails

​​1. Inside the Sendlane email editor, click on Content in the top-left corner.

2. Find Integrations on the left, and double-click on the Product block under it. You can also drag and drop this block onto your email.

3. Once you add the block to your email, you can fine-tune the content of your product recommendation email.

For example, edit the number of items you want to show, switch between the BigCommerce store you’re pulling products from, and show or hide the product title, price or Buy Now button.

Once you add in your products, here’s what the product picker would look like:

Create revenue-generating CX with the Sendlane x BigCommerce integration

Integrate your BigCommerce store with Sendlane to grow your online business on autopilot.

Tap into features like hyper-targeted segmentation, data-driven automation triggers, multi-store management, dynamic abandoned cart and product emails, and more! Learn more about Email Marketing Software for BigCommerce right here.

Or if you're interested in checking it out for yourself, we got you. Sign up for Sendlane’s 60-day free trial and take it for a test drive!

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