Navigating Deliverability Challenges and Maximizing Email Impact

16 May
Navigating Deliverability Challenges and Maximizing Email Impact

As the digital marketing landscape evolves, staying ahead of changes is crucial for maintaining effective email campaigns. Jimmy Kim, Founder and CIO of Sendlane, recently shared invaluable insights into the upcoming deliverability updates and practical strategies for maximizing email impact. Here, we distill his expert advice into actionable steps for email marketers to navigate these changes and optimize their email performance.

Understanding the June 1st Deliverability Updates

The phased rollout of deliverability updates for Google, Yahoo, and AOL has been in progress since February. However, June 1st marks a significant turning point, as these changes are set to heavily impact email marketers. 

To ensure your emails continue to reach your audience, it’s essential to focus on several key principles:

Consistency of Volume: Maintain a steady volume of emails to build and sustain your sender reputation.

Audience/Data Segmentation: Segment your audience effectively to tailor your messages and improve engagement.

Monitoring TLD Stats: Keep a close eye on your email performance across different top-level domains (TLDs) like Gmail and Yahoo.

Additional Tracking: Implement tracking tools such as Google Postmaster Tools (GPMT) and similar tools for Yahoo/AOL.

Five Critical Considerations for Email Marketers

Jimmy highlights five often-overlooked aspects that can significantly affect your email deliverability:

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Links: Ensure these links are present on your website and landing pages.

Reply Address: Use a real inbox for your reply address to enhance credibility and engagement.

Link Management: Be cautious with third-party links and redirects, as every link level is scrutinized against blacklists.

User Experience and Behavior: Design emails with user behavior in mind—consider how they will interact with your emails.

Domain Privacy: Avoid using private WHOIS for domains sending over 5,000 emails, as transparency can improve trust and deliverability.

Actionable Strategies to Combat Deliverability Challenges

With the June 1st changes looming, Jimmy offers a straightforward yet powerful piece of advice: Send more mail.

Here’s how increasing your email activity can benefit your campaigns:

Increase Email Frequency: Sending emails more frequently helps you stay top of mind with your audience.

Active Segmentation: Segment your audience based on their interactions to send more relevant and targeted messages.

Retarget Clickers: Follow up with users based on their click behavior with tailored emails or SMS messages.

Extend Automation Flows: Add an extra message to your automation flows to keep the conversation going.

Send Reminder Emails: Notify subscribers about upcoming sales or promotions to create urgency.

The New Email Marketing Paradigm

The email marketing landscape has changed significantly since 2014. Today, people receive over 200 emails daily, making it crucial to stay visible and relevant. The fastest-growing brands send emails daily, resulting in lower spam rates and higher revenue attribution. Embracing this shift means understanding that not sending an email equates to losing an opportunity to connect with your audience.

Stay informed and be proactive

As the June 1st deliverability updates approach, taking proactive steps is essential to maintaining and enhancing your email marketing effectiveness. By increasing your email frequency, segmenting your audience, and focusing on user experience, you can navigate these changes successfully and achieve greater results. Stay informed, adapt quickly, and leverage the insights shared by Sendlane’s Jimmy Kim to turn potential challenges into opportunities for growth.

For more detailed information, explore the public documentation and tools available. Our team is here for you, chat into our live support or reach out to your dedicated Sendlane team to start implementing these strategies today.

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