5 Examples of Summer Email & SMS Campaigns To Increase Sales

23 Jun
5 Examples of Summer Email & SMS Campaigns To Increase Sales

The sun is out, and holidays are back—Summer is officially here. 

This is great news for everyone…. Except eCommerce vendors. Summer is a difficult time for retailers as customers tend to spend less. They're busy traveling, holidaying and entertaining their family and friends⁠—especially after two years of a pandemic. 

Email and SMS campaigns can overcome these barriers. Items focused on travel, entertaining and preparing for the Summer can help capture your customer's attention in between flights and family BBQs.

Here are 5 examples of email and SMS campaigns you should steal to make this Summer a successful one. 

1. Capitalize on “vacation-ready” campaigns

Customers are already thinking about their vacations—so why not join them?

Tie your products into your customer's upcoming travel season. If your brand has already been in business for a Summer season, your database will already have nuggets of helpful data to segment users based on past purchases. These campaigns can be a great way to re-engage last Summer's customers and upsell and cross-sell bundled items for upcoming vacations. 

It's easy to do with the right tools—like an eCommerce audience segmentation platform. 

Find past customers who have purchased a product that fits into your holiday or travel categories within the past six months. Separate them into their own segment so you can send them a targeted campaign personalized around these items and get them thinking about what other items they need to get ready for an upcoming trip. 

Here's how AWAY is building similar vacation-ready campaigns: 


What we love about this Summer campaign is it targets different customers within the same email. AWAY knows some of its customers will chase the sun for their holidays, while others are staying in their home state—so the campaign targets everyone. 

How to steal this campaign idea 

  • Cross-sell products to target different customers in the same email. Casting a wide net for email campaigns can work if you do it right. Target both with clever product placements and copywriting to make everyone's plans sound exciting. AWAY has done this by creating bundles to target customers staying close to home (the "staycation" set) and those venturing further (the "sun" set) so they get the best of both worlds. 
  • Less is more. Don't overwhelm your customers with long product descriptions. Instead, let images do the talking and name-drop some labels you know your customers love to catch their attention. 

Pro-tip: Personalizing and segmenting these campaigns will only be as good as your data. Gather data on your customers at every opportunity through content clicked, abandoned cart history and forms, so it's easier to personalize email campaigns like these in the future.


2. Send customers tips and lists to help with their trip

Vacations take a lot of organizing. Try sending your customers some tips and advice to help them out.  

A quick list on what to pack for a week in Hawaii or a guide on how to fit everything into carry-on luggage are great ways to help customers prepare for their trip—and plug your products. 

Here's how Madewell combines packing lists with styling tips for its customers. The email campaign includes three different Summer styles with individual product descriptions. Each look also has its own link to take the customer to a landing page where they can pick the right size and color before adding them to their cart: 


At the bottom of the email, Madewell even includes a link to a complete packing list the customer can look at to buy a new wardrobe for their trip. What's interesting about this packing list is that it'll fit into a tote bag—perfect for customers making short trips with only carry-on luggage! 

How to steal this campaign idea 

  • Be helpful: A lot of your customers will be excited about their Summer plans, so pack your emails and SMS full of helpful expert tips. Sharing advice on packing, destinations and sales can help your customers have a better holiday—and they'll remember you for it!
  • Use your brand's strengths: Madewell is a fashion retailer, so it's already styling looks on its website with clothes and models. If your brand is doing the same, try recycling some existing Summer looks from your site in your packing lists to save you time.

Pro-tip: Don't be afraid to re-engage contacts who aren’t opening or clicking an email or SMS. Customers are busy and marketing messages can get lost in their inboxes. A quick reminder can bump you to the top of their inbox and get your messages seen.

3. Mark big holidays on the calendar

Building separate campaigns for major holidays is a foolproof way to generate extra revenue. 

Individual campaigns for holidays like Memorial Day, 4th of July and Father's Day should be a given for your marketing calendar as most people celebrate them and get time off work to travel. Rather than creating a sweeping campaign targeting Summer holidays, separate campaigns target specific demographics and customer types with certain personalized products to increase sales. 

Here's how Maud's created a memorable Memorial Day campaign to target customers. 


A big reason why this campaign works is that Maud's uses a Memorial Day image to grab its customer's attention instantly. SMS campaigns are more effective when they show images and media—51% of consumers are more likely to buy a product if an SMS includes them. As Maud's image also doubles as a CTA, if it's the only thing the customer looks at (and doesn't bother reading the text), they'll still know they get 20% off sitewide over Memorial Day weekend. 

How to steal this campaign idea 

  • Use the holiday for inspiration: Don't be afraid to go all-in on the holiday or occasion you're marketing for. For example, your customers will likely celebrate the 4th of July with concerts, fireworks, parades and BBQs. Use these events as inspiration for your SMS copy and images.
  • Include a link: Always add a link to your campaign's landing page, especially if you're having a sale or giving the customer a coupon to spend. Direct links get them to your store quickly and cuts friction in their buying journey.

Pro-tip: Don't wait to test this right before a big event on your marketing calendar. Remember, you won't be the only brand targeting customers on these holidays and email servers will be under the pump. It's best to find any holes in your campaign, like deliverability issues or broken links, before the holiday. Once everything has been tested, automate these campaigns to send a week (or two) out from the event so there's enough time for follow-ups to target customers who didn't open your first message!

4. Target the home improvers and entertainers

Not everyone will be going on interstate or international holidays this year. 

82% of consumers plan to visit family and friends this year, with many saying they'll be entertaining them at home. Brands can target these customers who are ready to get back to socializing (without leaving their house) with ideas and offers around entertainment and home improvement. 

Here's an example from Sonos


The brand knows its customers will enjoy Summer weather at home or on an adventure, so it's targeting both categories. For customers who are heading off camping or on a sun holiday, Sonos picks a speaker and highlights its perks: lightweight and waterproof. For customers entertaining family and friends at home, a different product is marketed to them (powerful, 11 hours of play time). 

Although Sonos is marketing similar products, it sells them to different audiences by linking its speakers to the customers' summer plans. 

How to steal this campaign idea

  • Pick one or two key products: Don't overwhelm your customers with a campaign marketing 20 different products. Choose a couple of core products that directly relate to customers spending Summer at home with family and friends. 
  • Let your copy do the talking: Using language like "great for backyard BBQs" and "ready for camping getaways" helps the customer visualize what their trip will look like with a Sonos speaker. Use the same copy tricks in your Summer marketing campaign so customers consider your products for their next trip.

5. Launch summertime deals to drive up sales

With rising living costs and continuing inflation, shoppers are looking for a Summer bargain. 

Pre-summer sales are a perfect way to draw in customers looking for affordable offers. Here's an example from a skincare brand: 


This campaign is like shooting fish in a barrel. The brand knows its customers will all need SPF for Summer, so the SMS is all about getting them to buy and buy early. It's a simple campaign to bag some early revenue in the season and gather customer data to personalize future campaigns once Summer kicks off. 

How to steal this campaign idea 

  • Start preparing your marketing calendar early: You can't send out reminders for Summer items in the middle of the season. Prepare campaigns early and market products that customers have historically purchased in the months leading up to Summer
  • Use discounts and offers to drive up sales: Pre-Summer campaigns are to earn as much revenue as you can before people start spending money on holidays. Add in discount codes and offers to sweeten the deal! 

Wrapping Up

Summer can be difficult for eCommerce brands, but it doesn't have to be. 

A well-executed email or SMS campaign can generate much-needed revenue for your store. With the right messaging, you can target customers when they're traveling and entertaining in their backyard. 

Plan your campaigns early, market items you already know customers love and write email and SMS copy that puts your products at the center of their Summer plans. 

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