5 Best Product Launch Email Template & Examples

17 Aug
5 Best Product Launch Email Template & Examples

It happens a lot. Whether you have a team of one, three, or 20+, more often than not, you're understaffed and overtaxed.

You have several products to promote... an email automation solution to configure... maybe an entire website to rebuild... and definitely a to-do list the length of Chile. Oh yeah, and a secondary solution to launch too!

Maybe that secondary product or service has been sitting on your back burner for months — because all your time and resources are going toward making your flagship products fly.

That's when you know. You gotta do what it takes to launch that solution at last.

There are best practices for getting results. But sometimes — even when time and resources limit your launch options — you can trigger sales with just three emails.

If you’re familiar with the marketing funnel, you’ll see how in these three templates...

  1. The first email functions like top-of-funnel content — to create brand awareness
  2. The second email functions like middle-of-funnel content — to build excitement
  3. The third email functions like bottom-of-funnel sales copy — to drive conversions

Now this power-trio is nothing like a full-fledged funnel.But if you’re short on options, try these product launch email templates (and adapt the examples!) and you just might get more messages opened, links clicked, and solutions sold than you might think.

1. Product Pre-Launch Template: a juicy hint of exciting things to come

Say your leads opted in on a lead magnet and then never heard from you again. If that's the case, you can't go straight to a seductive teaser like "The wait is over." Instead, you need to introduce yourself first. Think about:

  • What’s one thing you know about the people on this list?
  • How does that one thing connect to one pain that your solution solves?

Then try this PAS (Problem/Agitation/Solution) template.

Anywhere there are brackets, just fill in what’s appropriate for your product or service.

Note the cliffhanger at the end — that’s one key to persuasion you always have at your fingertips. Even when you’re low on resources. (And check out the easy-to-tweak examples that follow each template!)

Grab your email templates right here!

Now, at first glance, this might seem a little scary.

What do you do with just a basic framework that’s full of blanks?

The template becomes powerful when you fill it in. So let’s take a look at a finished example so you can get some inspiration for your own emails!

Say you’re releasing a course on natural skincare. Your list is filled with women who want clear skin, so you’ll dive into those details as you’re filling in the blanks:

Why this works so well

It’s friendly, personal, and relatable - ideal for a launch warmup. With simple formatting and an informal tone, it’s like an email from a friend. (People are much more likely to read an email from a friend than a business!)

To make this work for you: Think about the problem your product or service solves and how you can illustrate that to empathize and connect with your readers.

Use a breezy, enigmatic, opens-generating subject line like “Question.” And write like you’re a human talking to a human (which of course you are!) so your contacts relish every word.

It demonstrates brand value. Functioning as top-of-funnel Awareness content, it shares info about a solution while building a relationship with contacts.

To make this work for you: Be helpful and informative, without talking too much about your solution or seeming pushy about selling.

It offers a solution to a problem. Using the PAS formula, it addresses the reader’s pain, gently agitates that pain, and introduces the solution.

To make this work for you: Show the reader that you know their pain, you’ve felt their pain, and you have the solution to stop their pain.

It gets readers excited for more. Like an episode of Game of Thrones, it makes people anxious to find out what happens next.

To make this work for you: Don’t share the secret you’ve promised quite yet. End with a cliffhanger so your readers will itch for your next email!

2. New Feature Template: a sense of exclusivity

For some businesses, particularly those offering a service in the form of a software or online tool, new features are often introduced.

A great example of product launch announcements emails is through the use of new features that have recently been added and perhaps the users aren’t aware of.

It could be an exclusive feature that you pitch as being an option for beta testers. Alternatively, offering the opportunity for customers to get first dibs on using the feature for the first time, is a great way of engaging customers.

Asana dashboards product launch screenshot

Above is an example of an email template from Asana, introducing their new Dashboards feature. It’s intention is for customers to get to know this new feature and offers a small introduction on what the feature is and a read more CTA button for those wanting to try it out.

3. Product Teaser Template: reveal the secret and build anticipation for launch

Now your leads know you better, and chances are they like you. They're also intrigued.

So this is where good storytelling pays off. A powerful way to trigger desire is to tell a story that reveals how readers can achieve something they want.

Tell your story while also building anticipation for more. That way, you’re giving your readers something before selling them something.

And with your giving, they’ll be more likely to reciprocate by buying. (See #4 in this post for more on reciprocity.)

Plus, giving a story in an email is much faster than creating a download!

Grab your email templates right here!

That’s a lot of blanks. But have no fear!

Once again, the template becomes deeply effective when you fill it in. Here’s a finished example:

Why this works so well

The story triggers emotions. From interest to suspense to alarm to relief, emotions help connect, relate, and engage with readers.

To make this work for you: Tell a simple story that sparks emotion and reveals a problem-solving secret.

It builds anticipation. It gets readers further down the funnel into Consideration by doing three things: building a deeper relationship, sharing helpful information tailored to their pain points, and introducing the solution. To make this work for you: Show your readers how you solved the very pain they’re contending with. Then hint at the solution you’re launching... but keep waiting to reveal more.

4. Launch Day Email Template: open the doors and watch the sales flood in

Here’s where (at last!) you announce that your service/product is available. If you’re super short on resources, you can even skip the traditional sales page and link straight to your product page (as long as it’s optimized with convincing copy and a super easy checkout!)

Grab your email templates right here!

This is the simplest of the three emails.And because of all the persuasive groundwork you’ve laid in the first two emails, this one is the easiest to write. It’s also the funnest one to see the results on — because it drives conversions. Here’s a finished example:

Why this works so well

It continues the conversation. You’ve been sharing helpful info all along, and now you’re picking up the conversation where you left off, giving readers the sense that you’re revealing something exciting.

To make this work for you: Keep your tone friendly, relatable, and personal, using informal phrases like “So did you?”

Expressions like this will make your readers feel like they’re in on something with you: the solution to their pain. And not including a “Hi [First Name]” in this email takes the persona touch to the next level.

It drives conversions. This is your bottom-of-funnel email, so it’s where you nail the art of explicitly convincing your contacts to buy your product or service. To make this work for you: Discuss your solution, then entice your readers to make the purchase. Mirror your story’s win (for example, “I feel beautiful”) with what they’ll win when they buy your solution (“See you inside, beautiful!”). Keep it friendly and straightforward, and watch those sales numbers climb!

5. Follow-up email template

Not every user is going to be efficient when it comes to engaging with your product launch emails and any email campaigns you create for them.

To make your next launch a massive success, set up a follow-up process to get the most out of each product launch campaign. Segmenting your email list is worthwhile in order to focus on nuturing those customers who’ve yet to engage with the emails being sent.

The reason for them not engaging could simply be that they were busy and forgot to re-read the email or it’s not something that appealed to them. Perhaps the lack of appeal was due to the wording of the email content?

Sub: We see you’ve not taken advantage of our new product feature X

Hi {Name},

We recently sent you an email to promote our brand new product feature X. 

Did you miss it? Not to worry - you’re not late to the party yet!

Take a look at some of the advantages X can bring to make your working day easier.

Be sure to get in touch with our support team if you have any questions on how to use this new feature or any of the features on our platform.

CTA Button - Try X out now.

{employee name} from the team at X

This example above is a good way of reminding the user about the initial product launch email and giving them the relevant information and links again.


Product Launch Email Wrap-Up

If you’re short on time and resources, there are still powerful, yet simple ways to sell with email.

When you fill in the blanks on these product launch email templates and examples, writing just three persuasive emails becomes an easy and effective way to drive opens, clicks, and sales.

Product launch email FAQs:

How do you write a product launch email?
What is a product launch email?
How often should you send product launch emails?

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