Segment Your New Contacts Immediately (& Automatically!) With Tags

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Using automations, you can easily connect with your email audience, sending behavior-based messages that are customized for every contact!

But did you also know you can simultaneously segment your list while you're at it?

It's true!

You can add a tag from the very moment someone opts into your list...  (and at any point within an automation funnel) to super-target your emails!

This enables you to send new contacts and customers highly targeted messages as soon as they hand over their email address.

All you have to do is click the plus sign in your automation to add a new action. In this scenario you'll want to choose Update Contact Property:

Next you'll select the action Add Tag:

Select a tag from the dropdown menu in the automation builder to have that tag added to your contacts profile:

The best part is: using tags not only makes that particular automation more effective, but it also helps improve your communication across the board with every member of your list.

When it comes down to it, the more data you have about your contacts, the better your marketing will be!

So if you're ready to use tags to automate the segmentation process, you can login to your Sendlane account now and get started!

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